Parallax Scrolling In Online Games


"Angry Birds Star Wars II" (CC BY 2.0) by - mobile Parallax scrolling is when the foreground of a game moves at a faster rate than the background. The technology was first incorporated in side-scrolling games of the early 1980s such as Moon Patrol and Jungle Hunt but it was classics like Sonic the Hedgehog released in 1991 that ...

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Why Is Printer Ink So Darned Expensive?


In a time when leading computer manufacturers have revolutionized the way the world works, there are still a few things that people still prefer doing the old-fashioned way. For example, some individuals still prefer reading a physical copy of a book or a document. For them, nothing beats feeling the leaves of paper between one’s ...

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How Wireless Broadband Technologies Help Remote Regions


Wireless broadband can open up more opportunities for communities to improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, installing traditional wired networks in remote regions is expensive. However, with the continuing development of quality wireless broadband solutions for rural connectivity, more and more communities are now gaining access to the internet. Here are some ways in which ...

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