Is the NSA Using Fake Facebook Servers to Spy on Internet Users?


According to a new report recently released by The Intercept and based on information obtained from Edward Snowden, the NSA may be indiscriminately spying on millions of Internet users worldwide. Over the past 10 years, the agency has planted malware on millions of devices around the world as part of an initiative it calls “Owning ...

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8 Great Resources to Educate IT Staff About Cyber Security

Cyber Security

There are more cyber security jobs in the world than there are cyber security professionals to fill them, and competition for qualified security professionals is fierce. These professionals can demand high salaries, so they often price small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners out of the market. If you’re like many SMB owners, then you may ...

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10 Tips for Creating a Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy Reputation Management

In today’s high speed Internet world, social media has become a staple activity for most businesses. Unfortunately, many companies do not have a cohesive social media strategy. One of the things you must do is to create a social media policy that spells out to the whole organization exactly what their role is. These 10 tips ...

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Why Your Business Needs Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing for Business

In recent years, businesses of all sizes have been making the switch to cloud computing — and it’s little wonder why. This innovative technology allows companies to store their data on the Internet, making error-prone hard drives a thing of the past. Cloud computing is a particularly attractive option for businesses looking to do away ...

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