9 Psychic And Life Advice Apps That Can Make Us Better Human Beings


Circa post-Einstein era, visionary scientists like Schrodinger and Bohr started a silent revolution, which would shake the foundation of half-baked fax-scientific postulations of the Newtonian era. People were prompted to see the world with new lenses and would soon discover new meaning in the century-old aphorism: There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt ...

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How New Technologies Have Benefited Industry Professionals

Social Media and Communication

Science-fiction is filled with stories about machines eventually taking over and mankind’s struggle to reclaim the planet. Such fantasies can easily make us question the benefits of modern technology. According to a new study covering over 140 years of data, however, technology has actually created more jobs than it has destroyed. Here are just some ...

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How To Properly Choose Computer Repair Services


Technology is now becoming more advanced as each day passes, with more innovative ideas and inventions being released for the whole world to take advantage of. With mobile devices and computers there to help make lives easier, you won't be able to find a household that does not have at least one gadget owned! These ...

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The Future Is Now: Lasers In Everyday Technologies

What Is a Laser

Since laser was developed in the 1960s, it has improved human lives in many ways. The same monochromatic light that can cut through the toughest of surfaces can somehow also be the favorite chasing toy of your cat—provided that you use the low-powered version, of course. There are a many technologies today used by ordinary ...

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4 Apps You Need Immediately


We all know the generic apps that improve our lives for the better, however, have you heard of these apps that will change your life? You will never need another app again. 1. Playster Playster takes the convenience of Scribd, Netflix, Audible, Spotify, and Gamefly, and puts it all in one convenient spot for you to enjoy unlimited ...

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