Smart Home – Easier Access for Law Enforcement?


Technology in the 21st century far surpasses anything we could have imagined in the early part of the 20th. What was once only a science fiction dream set in the distant future has become the age of smartphones, talking cars and computers that can operate on voice command. The rapid development of the digital age brings ...

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Google Glass Goes on Sale in the UK

Google Glass Girl

The UK has become the second country after the US to see Google Glass technology go on sale. The Android powered smart glasses will carry a price tag of £1,000, with the prototype being targeted towards developers rather than the consumer market. Ivy Ross, the new Head of Glass at Google said: “We know there’s a ...

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4 Steps to Avoid BYOD Productivity Loss


One of the major advantages of BYOD is that it increases employee productivity. According to a 2012 survey, 64 percent of IT managers believe that allowing employees to use their own devices helps them get more done. Almost half of the IT users surveyed agreed that using their own devices had already increased their efficiency ...

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VPN Solutions For Individuals

VPN Solutions

Regular computer and mobile phone users can benefit from having a virtual private network. This is a technology that is used to backup digital files and other content as well as applications. Students and college professors can surely benefit from having their own online network that can be used to store essential digital documents. By ...

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Is Australia’s National Broadband Network the Fastest in the World?

Australia NBN

When it comes to internet speeds, it’s hard to beat Australia’s new National Broadband Network (NBN), however with a new Government coming into power, how will the fibre to node network compare to those around the world. Originally, the network was meant to take advantage of fibre optic speeds of up to 100MBps due to ...

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