Tech Job Advice for Recent Graduates


As summer draws to a close, this time of year usually marks a frustrating point for many recent university graduates, as the daunting prospect of joining the “real world” is quickly drawing near. Fortunately, the job market isn't looking as bleak as it was a few years ago, and there are plenty of job opportunities in ...

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A Rundown of the Top 5 Office Collaboration Tools


Have you worked as a team member, where regular communication is just a natural part of the job, where exchanging documents is typical - amending them, discussing them the norm? But in order to get the project completed on time it feels like you’re spending more time in meetings than you are actually getting the job ...

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Movavi Screen Capture Studio – Recording High Quality Webcam Videos in a Jiffy


About Movavi Screen Capture Studio Movavi Screen Capture Studio is another highly expedient software, which has topped the charts among online video surfers. Those who are a great fans of creating personalized videos by conducting manual settings have now the option to record them live. This software enables the users to record webcam video, skype calls ...

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