10 of the most important android apps

Important Android Apps

One of the great uses of our smartphones, apart from making calls, is that there are so many awesome android apps available. So, here are 10 of the best for you to check out. 1. QualityTime: A must for all smartphone users. This app monitors all of your activity and gives you a detailed breakdown of how ...

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4 Tips for Planning a Memorable Business Conference

Business Conference

As pervasive as the Internet is these days, even the best webinars can’t match the impact of a professional conference. Whether you’re hosting in-house employees or a national audience of industry leaders, a conference is an opportunity to network and share ideas in a personal setting. Any event planner will tell you that the preparation phase ...

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DIY Online Website Building Is As Simple As 1-2-3

Online Website Building

Remember the bad old days when it cost thousands of dollars to get a commercial website built by the professionals? Even in the middle-ages of web design, if your website was not professionally constructed it was difficult to build one that was attractive enough to gain the attention of consumers. Visitors naturally gravitated towards the ...

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