Is VoIP Poised For Massive Success?


It looks like the Internet is about to create another revolution and take over the long-established multibillion telephone industry. Today, those in the know have already adopted VoIP, or Voiceover Internet Protocol, and soon the rest of the world will have to catch up. VoIP is the future of communication. VoIP Reduces Business Overhead What is the ...

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Samsung’s Smart Series of Phones

Samsung Galaxy On5

The Korean based brand, Samsung, has dominated the market with its wide range of smartphones that not only incorporate the latest technology but also creates trends that others imitate. With millions and millions of its devices being sold worldwide, it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the ...

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Tablet Showdown: iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 4

Screen: Surface Pro 4

Hybrid PC devices blend form and function like never before, combining the power of a conventional laptop with the portability of a tablet, and two of the industry’s leading models, are the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface lines. The Microsoft Surface Pro will be released at Harvey Norman in November along with the iPad Pro, ...

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Are Interactive Touch Screens The Next Big Leap in Digital Signage Technology?


Touch Screens have been around in some form since the 60’s however public interest in the technology continues to escalate; both in domestic and commercial markets. The significant drop in LCD panel price over the past decade has led to sharp increase in the popularity of Digital Signage in general but more specifically, Touch Screen ...

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