5 Reasons To Be Nice To Your Smartphone

iphone most significant

In 2007, smartphones died a grizzly death. They were killed by the emergence of the iPhone. Palm, RIM, Windows Mobile, and Nokia were the four horsemen of the smartphone apocalypse bubble. Today, these companies and their products are either on life support (Microsoft and their mobile efforts), renamed and all but forgotten in the consumer ...

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Online Payment Security: A Look At How Safe Is Money Online!


Even as more and more people shop, play and consume services online, an increasing number of fraudsters are also invading the Internet space and jeopardizing safe online payment processes. Therefore, it becomes imperative for businesses to beef up their online payment services and associated security. Adding features like “https protocol” and “3-D secure protocol” can ...

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Do You Know How To Stay Safe Online?


Shopping, picture sharing and doing business, all activities which are now all being commonly done online. Never has so much of our own information been shared and stored electronically. As the internet develops we are being continuously surprised with new innovations, however not all of them are positive. A rise in internet usage has also lead ...

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Top Three Apps For Travellers According To Justfly


Travel has been revolutionized by technology. Whether that is modes of transportation, the places we go, or why we go there, there is almost no facet of the industry that hasn’t been touched by modern technology. Another way in which tech has pushed tourism is in how we use our handheld devices. There are thousands ...

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