10 of the most important android apps

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One of the great uses of our smartphones, apart from making calls, is that there are so many awesome android apps available. So, here are 10 of the best for you to check out.

Important Android Apps

1. QualityTime: A must for all smartphone users. This app monitors all of your activity and gives you a detailed breakdown of how you have used your phone over the past hour, day or week.

2. Twilight: This is great for people who are on their phone all day and night and feel that the brightness of the screen strains their eyes. The app reduces the blue and white colours on the screen and replaces them with a soft red filer as the day wears down.

3. Evernote scannable: Available on AppleiPhones, you just point your camera at a document and Evernote scans it and transfers it to your Evernote account, where you can share and edit the document.

4. Go Backup: This app backs up all of your important data to your SD card – contacts, messages and the call logs. You can either restore a full back up or manually select which data files to restore.

5. Facebook: One of the most popular apps, which lets you post to your Facebook timeline from your smartphone. You can also upload photos and sync your phone contacts with your Facebook friends. This is a great app for android users and if you are in the market for a new phone, you can find details on the Samsung Galaxy S6, which is also available in iiNet and other good retailers.

6. Hooks: Keep in touch with all your favourite news with this great little app which lets you set up alerts from a variety of different categories, including TV shows, and news and events. The notifications are pushed to your phone so you are always up to date with the things that matter most to you.

7. Pocket: Save interesting websites, new stories, articles, videos and blog posts and read them when you are offline. A great little app that can even sync your saved articles across all your desktop and mobile devices.

8. Pushbullet: This app sends all of your phone notifications to your browser, as well as text messages. It tells you who is calling, so you can decide whether to answer your phone or not and you can even reply from your browser or send files and links to your phone.

9. Snapspeed: Now you can edit your photos on your phone, before you send them to friends or post them on Facebook. You can edit them yourself or leave it to the app to make the required changes.

10. Hexlock:This app lets you lock not only your phone from prying eyes, but also individual apps. So if someone borrows your phone, you can deny access to your messages or your browser for example, and keep everything safely hidden away.

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