10 Stylish Wearables Recommended for You

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Wearables are in trend now and we can help you with choosing the most stylish of them. Stylish and trendy design is important for wearables because normal people may not like looking like someone out of the sets of a Sci-Fi movie. Even if you are a geek you won’t mind being a stylish geek. So here are 10 stylish wearables for you.

Fingernail Watch


This is a wearable that you can wear and pretend to be just another person on the road but surprise someone when they ask you the time. Or imagine you having to manage things on different time zones. Instead of ticking in your smart phone you just stick two fingernail watches on a couple of your fingers showing different times. The translucent design and cool colors make it the perfect choice.

Activity Tracking Wrist Band


Not everyone wants a wearable that has superficial looks. Some are fans of those wearables that comes in the disguise of a normal accessory. They may not like to show off too much but would like to look cool and enjoy the benefits of using these products of true genius. This wrist band does exactly the same. It looks like just another stylish wrist band that you picked up while shopping but functions as a very intuitive device to manage your fitness routines. It is an activity tracker and not just something that keeps record of how many miles you walked. It keeps record of your activities, calorie burn and even your sleep.

Lechal Smart Shoes


Shoes are an unlikely option that comes across your mind when you hear the word wearables. Technology is all about coming up with the least expected things. Originally designed for providing assistance to the visually challenged these shoes are now a stylish wearable that helps you stay fit. It also lets you plan where you want to go and store the paths you go. The shoe integrates seamlessly with a mobile application.

Wi-Fi detector shirt


This one you can literally wear. This shirt comes with built in Wi-Fi signal detector that lets you track signal strength of Wi-Fi connections without opening your devices. The signal strength is indicated by glowing animation on the shirt. The signal detector and the animation are powered by AAA batteries. All these add-ons can be removed to turn it into a normal shirt.

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Universal-Gadget Wrist Charger-10-stylish-wearables-recommended-for-you

Charging your gadgets and laptops can be a head-ache especially when you are on a trip. You don’t know when you will find a plug to charge your devices up. You are frustrated when you need them badly and suddenly they give up and you can’t even find a plug to feed their emaciated batteries. What if you can carry a charger on your wrist? Just plug a universal USB pin from your wrist charger and your device will be up and running. The charger has rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.

Solar-powered Jacket

Solar-powered Jacket-10-stylish-wearables-recommended-for-you

Looking good and being tech savvy can now be done in a manner that is environment friendly. Solar-powered jackets allows you to do all the above and that too very economically. These jackets can generate enough power to charge your phones after just five hours out in the sun. They come in different models with the solar panel placed on sleeves, shoulders or elsewhere to suit the design. Wearing a cool jacket on a sunny day can help you save significant electrical energy. That is a great contribution you can make to make the world a better place and that too by not emptying your pockets but filling them.

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt-10-stylish-wearables-recommended-for-you

Suppose you are with your friends and you feel like playing something to create a mood but you can’t find anything near you. Rather than feeling sad you can use something you have on you if not around you. An electric guitar and that too on your shirt. Wear it and rock! Worried about washing? Of course you can remove it and wash your shirt. You also get a mini-Amp that you can clip to your belt. Pump up the volume and go rocking loud.

Lightweight Wrist Phone

Lightweight Wrist Phone-10-stylish-wearables-recommended-for-you

Smartphones are becoming larger and larger and are now huge. They are so huge that quickly taking them out for a few while is not as easy as before. They don’t fit in your palms and may not even fit in your pockets. They are reasons that prompt people to own these biggies but there are such problems that they have to deal with. A workaround is using a smart watch or a wrist phone. You can sync them with your smartphones and use them like a small smartphone on your wrist that also act as your watch.

iLogic Sound Hat

iLogic Sound Hat-10-stylish-wearables-recommended-for-you

Winter is on and I can’t plug in my in-ear earphones because of this hat. This curse will soon be unheard. If you can have speakers in your beanie hats what is the need for an earphone? Put them on, keep your ears warm and listen to excellent quality music. If you think these beanies are going to cost a lot be prepared for a pleasant surprise. You can own one of these cool beanies for just £15.

USB Heating Gloves

USB Heating Gloves-10-stylish-wearables-recommended-for-you

This is another wearable that can be more than just handy during winter. Often your hands freeze and you can’t do anything with them. These USB heating gloves have built-in warmers that that prevent your fingers from freezing thus letting you do your work or play games. They have warmth controllers that prevent the warmers from overheating your fingers. They works with any device with a USB port. Their temperatures rice 10 degrees every five minute but does not exceed the maximum temperature limit of 53°C.

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