10 Tips To Win Rummy Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

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Rummy has always been India’s favorite card game and it continues to top the charts. It is one of the most played online games across the globe and why wouldn’t it be. It is both entertaining and profitable. You can win some extra pocket money while having fun playing your favorite card game. However, it is fun only when you win a few games every now and then, which makes learning the game before you start investing both your time and real money absolutely necessary. So, here are a few tips straight from the horse’s mouth on how to win rummy card game. We went through many reviews on RummyCircle left by our players and compiled the following list:

  • Group your cards and evaluate your options:

First thing a rummy player must do is group his cards. It makes it easy for the player to evaluate his options. And grouping cards is so easy on RummyCircle.com.

  • Prioritize getting a straight run over everything else:

If you don’t have a straight run then nothing else matters, so make that a priority.

  • Always count your points:

Don’t forget to keep a track of how many points you hold in your hands. You have to lose that many points to win the game after all.

  • Discard high-valued cards:

The sooner you lose these cards, the better. Anyway, it’s always better to lose with fewer points.

  • Don’t cling to a suit:

You might love hearts more than spades, but don’t cling on to any suit while playing. Keep those cards that may help you win and discard the ones that hold you back.

  • Shuffle and rearrange:

If you aren’t getting a card that you need to finish your game then don’t keep on waiting forever. Shuffle and rearrange to reconsider your options.

  • Observe your opponents:

It is important to keep an eye on your opponents – what cards they pick and what cards they discard so you will know which ones you shouldn’t be in a hurry to hand them.

  • Don’t play too many games on a table:

Like you are observing your opponents, they will be watching you. Don’t stick on a table for too long.


  • Pre-decide how much to spend:

Check your bank account and limit yourself from spending more than what you decided that you will spend today.

  • Know when to quit:

You might be winning all the games or you might be losing some games, but don’t keep on playing until forever. Getting provoked when you are losing and getting greedy when you are losing aren’t signs of a good player.

Read full article to know the rummy rules and how to play rummy at RummyCircle.com

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2 thoughts on “10 Tips To Win Rummy Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

  1. The common however that in the event that you play a machine prolonged enough it’s hitting is just wrong, why.

  2. These are some really great tips to play rummy well, although experience always matters in winning a game of rummy.

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