3 Steps to Boost Productivity in the Workplace

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Whether your workplace is a room full of cubicles or a series of virtual conference calls and meetings, you can always improve your team’s productivity.

In the spirit of getting things done, let’s not waste another second of your valuable time. Here are three easy ways to boost productivity.

#1: Stop Holding Meetings for Things That Could Be E-Mailed

Yes, yes, we all understand the merit of face-to-face communication and collaboration. But do you need to look your employees in the eye for a ten-minute daily check-in or to go over the details of a project that already has its own fifteen-page brief and outline?

No. You do not.

Stop wasting your own time and your employees’ time with midday meetings that completely disrupt their workflow. Instead, rely more heavily on quick e-mail communications or—better yet—a productivity platform like Slack with instant private messaging and file-sharing capabilities.

#2: Delegate, Don’t Micro-Manage

Everyone knows the importance of delegating. But like most things, it is way easier said than done.

If only people were better at doing things, then maybe I would be better at delegating, you mutter to yourself, staying late for the 14th night this week (yup, you read that right). I say, and people don’t do!

The trick is filling your team with employees who are able to do before you even have to say; who understand the big picture enough to work through the details on their own. With a solid, trustworthy group, you won’t even feel the need to micro-manage.

To find those aforementioned unicorns, take every precaution during the hiring process:

  • Run background checks to get the full scoop on their previous employment, education history, and any criminal behavior.
  • Take the time to call each professional reference and have an in-depth discussion with them. Treat it like an interview of your candidate to really get a sense of their work ethic and potential from an objective outsider.
  • Check their credit history for a glimpse into their personal finances, including any concerning outstanding debts and tradelines. This is especially helpful with candidates entering the finance sector of your company.

This is pretty standard stuff overall. Although, you are wondering, what is a tradeline? Basically, it’s a summary of someone’s consumer accounts, including credit cards, mortgages, student loans, and other ongoing lines of credit. It’s a valuable tool that shows you whether someone can take care of their own finances, let alone your company’s.

#3: Accept the Things You Cannot Change, Outsource the Things You Cannot Accept

There are some benefits to keeping it all in-house, but there are better reasons to look elsewhere for some of your vital services. Frankly, outsourcing is the future. By hiring external teams for specialized projects and tasks, you can better prioritize as a business owner and give your employees the time and space to work on whatever needs their attention most.

By splitting the workload with outsourced companies, everyone on your staff can be more productive. Start by seeking external partners for the following:

  • Incoming & outgoing calls

Your team probably spends way too much time fielding calls, booking appointments, and securing leads (or trying to). With an outsourced virtual receptionist, they’ll never be interrupted by the incessant (often irrelevant) calls again. Wondering what a virtual receptionist is? It’s an external team focused on handling everything you don’t have time for.

  • Graphic design

Freelance graphic designers are like pigeons in New York (but way better at their job). When you need a new logo or product design, you call up one of the thousands of talented artists out there; the rest of the time, you get to save money.

  • Copywriting

To stay competitive with the emerging SEO-based marketing campaigns, your team would need to be churning out thousands of words each day. But with a dedicated external copywriting team, your staff can focus on big ideas, like branding and development, without concerning themselves with every single detail.

Prioritize Productivity

The more time and effort you put in on the front-end, the better off you’ll be later on. Once these changes are made and the systems are in place, your entire workplace will be operating at peak performance.

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