3 Tips To A Successful Tradeshow Booth

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Have you been thinking about getting a positive ROI from a trade show booth? Preparing for a tradeshow can be scary and sometimes frustrating, especially when thinking about your display and how to present your company. As with every marketing effort, you want to be sure you get a positive ROI. Networking and striking deals are the norms in tradeshows, but if you don’t utilize the right strategies, you will end up with nothing.

    1.   Make Your Display Impress

Studies have shown the relationship between first impressions and long-term relationships, and it’s no different in marketing. In fact, it takes one-fifth of a second for someone to form an opinion about your organization, and 94% of the time, the opinion is design-based. How creative you are with your booth can give you an edge over your competition. Using Larger displays give your company positive brand imagery, providing a backdrop and framework for your presence. The graphics should work to tie everything together and immediately catch your audience’s attention and hold it. Custom graphics are the best because they are wrinkle-free and look authentic, which is what you want your visitors to see.

     2. Fill Your Booth With Products

The reason you are at a tradeshow is to create awareness and sell products and services. Ensure you have enough products on your stand and that the most popular items are well stocked. Don’t embarrass yourself by having a product only available on display and not for sale. Also, make use of lighting to highlight your products, especially if you are dealing with valuable items. Eye-catching light, combined with a locked display, makes you stand out and help people see clearly. Use single color lightings such as white for a spotlight or a color associated with your brand. Make sure your lighting does not overshadow the products but enhances its visibility. If you want your lighting to act as an attention-grabbing device, use colorful lights such as track lighting around the parameter.

     3. Leave Room For Movement

Products are more interactive when they don’t have to fight for attention with each other. As you set up your displays, ensure they are well spaced, so people have enough room to move between each one. A cramped-up booth looks chaotic and uninviting to potential customers. If they think it’s full, they will pass you by and walk to more spacious booths. Enough space also helps you highlight what makes you unique. For instance, items such as headphones and kitchenware are unique because of how people use them, not necessarily the products themselves. Including custom-fitted graphics that show people enjoying your products is a great way to show what you do, and what makes your service or product the best.

A tradeshow is a great way to gather leads, sell products, and build networks. But you might not get the most out of it if your booth does not sell your company. Your booth should grab people’s attention and invite them to interact with your brand.

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