3 Ways You Can Make Money Online

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Just because the dotcom boom has come and gone doesn’t mean that all of the opportunity to make money online is gone too. In fact, you could argue that it is even easier to make money online these days than ever before! A lot of people have taken their hobbies and businesses to the next level by building an online presence, and with so many people focusing on how to build businesses online, there are a number of products that basically do all the work for you. Here are a few tried and true ways to still make money online in 2017. All the good opportunities aren’t gone yet!

Sell Your Stuff

What ever happened to minimalism? Remember those few years back at the dawn of the millennium when we all vowed to live minimalistic lifestyles? Yeah, that didn’t last too long, did it. We have more stuff than ever before. It’s time to start clearing out those closets again, folks. And you can turn to the online world to stash your trash easily and quickly. The easiest way to do this is not through an app or web-based platform, like you might think. The easiest way to sell your stuff online is through the growing number of Facebook groups that are popping up all over the world. These groups are typically private for local residents only, but there are people on the internet right now in real time looking to buy what you are selling. The other day I saw a lady selling a cheesecake spring pan. Just a pan. One pan. Someone bought it right away.

Start a Blog

There is a writer in all of us. We all have something to share with the world. The trick is finding out how to do in a way that makes you money. The guys at The Blogging Buddha have set up a system that takes less than 20 minutes to get your blog up and running! Imagine going from idea to blog hero in 20 minutes. They can help you get there. Choose a topic, do a bit of research about competition, and put your own spin on the topic. You can start making money in no time. The world needs content. Lots and lots of content. If you are a decent writer, you can make a pretty good living on a part-time basis writing for your own blog, or affiliate blogs.

Coach People

If you’ve got a skill that you could teach to others, you can use an online learning platform or a conference software package to teach people all over the world how to become adept at the things you are adept at. Websites like Udemy and Teachable make it so easy to bring your knowledge and experience to the world. Over time, you can create a large following of people who want to know what you know and you can charge premium rates for your coaching services. Want something to start right now? Look into teaching English online – it’s a growing industry and there are lots of Youtube videos and online blogs to teach you how to get started.

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