4 Apps You Need Immediately

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We all know the generic apps that improve our lives for the better, however, have you heard of these apps that will change your life? You will never need another app again.

1. Playster

Playster takes the convenience of Scribd, Netflix, Audible, Spotify, and Gamefly, and puts it all in one convenient spot for you to enjoy unlimited entertainment. If you have even just two of these services, you should just sign up to Playster instead for a multiple of reasons. First, it would be cheaper and you’d be getting multiple accounts for one single price. At the price of about $8-9 a streaming service, you are definitely saving about $15 a month. Second, think of all the space you are saving on your phone by replacing four apps and minimizing it down to one.


You can definitely save up to 5MB of space, which can be utilized for other apps or important photos.Third, everything is unlimited on this app, which is a big plus, especially in its book section, as most streaming services now put a limit as to how many books you can read or listen to each month.

2. Gumtree

Gumtree is definitely the best app for classified listings in your area. You can literally find anything under the sun on Gumtree, with real people in your area setting up listings. Everything from jobs, iPhones, and small household objects can be found here. The app is very user-friendly, which makes it super easy to find exactly what you may be looking for or your late night impulse buys. We are not judging.

3. Just Eat

If you are in a rush and cannot stand to wait for takeout, Just Eat will become your new best friend. Sometimes, takeout lines can be excruciatingly long. But with Just Eat, you are able to avoid those lines and pick up your meal at the exact time it will be ready. Absolutely hate takeout lines? Just Eat will deliver it to your place. Bon appetit!

Just Eat4. Mint

Mint is great because you will never forget to pay a bill ever again. With Mint, you are able to set up your payments and make sure that they are automatically paid before their due date. Mint also monitors your credit score, which is something we should all be looking at on the regular. Really, as a responsible adult, it is your duty to pay those bills again to make sure your mom does not come back to you with concern.

What apps do you think are essentials that everyone should be using?

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