4 Steps To Avoid Rogue Casinos In 2018

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Some people say gambling is taking unnecessary risks in your life. We don’t agree. Gambling is a fun pastime that doesn’t cost too much. However, taking on a rogue casino is too much of a risk. This is why playing at legal South African online casinos is important for your safety.

Rogue casinos are out there to take your money. You should avoid them at all costs if you want to really win at online casinos. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that.

Check out reviews

The internet is the best source of information when it comes to detecting a rogue casino. If a casino is tricking its clients, somebody had to complain about it at least once.

Google “casino name +rogue” or “casino name +fraud” and see what you can find. For a respectable casino that would be irrelevant forum topics or its homepage. If a casino is indeed tricking its clients, you will find quite a lot of negative reviews about it.

If you found out that people are reporting fraud massively, don’t even bother with the rest of the steps. However, if you didn’t find anything, or only found a couple of old complaints, go on with the next step.

Check their license

All casinos should have a license. Even though not all countries allow you to get an online gambling license, online casinos manage to find a way out.

Typically you would find that a casino is registered in Malta Gaming Authority or The Gambling Commission, especially if it is a casino that operates in the EU or in The Commonwealth. Other popular licenses include Curacao, or an EU country license, Romania, Croatia or others.

If a casino you want to play at is not registered anywhere or doesn’t openly claim to be, abandon it and look for a better one.

Read the rules

The rules is where most rogue casinos would strip you of your cash. Respectable casinos state all the rules clearly in a place where everyone can see them.

Rogue casinos don’t. What they do is try to define the boundaries of certain terms very vaguely so that they can misinterpret them and get away with it. Another common tactic is making the rules hard to find.

You won’t even notice that the rules are weird until you want to withdraw a big sum of money and the company declines the payment. Often, rogue casinos claim bonus abuse and refuse to make a payout.

If you don’t understand the rules of the casino, don’t play there.

Talk to the support

Didn’t find any rules? Talk to the support. Talk to the support anyways for that matter.

You don’t want to learn that this casino’s support is no good when you really need help. Talk to them beforehand, even before you make a deposit. This allows you to test the waters before investing anything in the casino.

Casinos with bad support that can’t help you or won’t answer for days are not necessarily rogue casinos. However, playing at those puts you at risk.

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