4 Undeniable Reasons You Should Play Rummy

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After Poker, do you know which card game is the second most popular game across the world?

Yes, you guessed it right! It’s Rummy!

With over 20 variants, it is a proof of its popularity across geographies. Rummy breaks all barriers of age, gender and class, and brings everyone togetherto a game. It is a fun game that binds friends together, bonds family members and of course, opens up conversations among total strangers too.

You cannot win rummy with just a stroke of luck. It requires regular practice to develop your skills in order to win at rummy.

Now since gaming is advancing to an online format, you could go for a free download rummy game and play regularly to improve your game skills.

Here are 4 undeniable reasons to start playing rummy:

Reason #1: As a game of skill, its ‘challenge’ factor is always high

If the game is challenging, then it is certainly interesting to play. Rummy is bundled with umpteen challenges and hence you won’t get bored playing it regularly. Especially the variant of 13 cards rummy, which is also known as Indian rummy. Itis packed with challenges in the form of sequences and hence you can’t get enough of the game.

Reason #2: Each game is an interesting revelation of skills and moves

When we say, you can’t get enough of the game, we actually mean it. Because, a game of rummy is so interesting that it puts your real skills to test, and each game unfolds a great learning experience for you in terms of skills and practice. Every game is different from the previous one and each player plays their move differently every time. So, with each game, you get to learn the different facets of the game, your opponents’ moves, and your own strategy and how you should be proceeding in the game.

Reason #3: The ticking timer gives you an adrenaline rush

Understanding your opponents’ move, taking a decision and then making your move all within the stipulated time, has its own charm and gives you a great adrenaline rush. It is no less than bungee jumping or river rafting. With the online formats where you need to play within the stipulated time, the sense of accomplishment that you enjoy after winning at the rummy game is beyond words. If you enjoy time limited challenges, then rummy is the game cut out for you.

Reason 4: Playing with different players keeps the ‘fun’ quotient intact

With more free rummy game downloads available online, it is now easier than ever to play rummy anywhere, anytime. The most interesting part of the online rummy is you can play with players from across the world. Each player has their own style of playing the game. Each game becomes not just fun, but also interesting as you get to learn from your opponents as you play against them. Each player’s moves and strategies keep the interest in the game intact and make you come back and play more.


Perhaps, one of the biggest undeniable reasons to play rummy is that it is pure fun – you enjoy, relax and spend some really good time while you play rummy.

Now, isn’t that a good enough reason to get started?

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