4 Ways Your Smart Phone Can Enhance Your Travel Experience

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The world, as we speak right now, is in anunending transit. Millions are currently airborne, have set sail in trans-oceanic cruises, or are perhaps enjoying the drive to their dream travel destinations. Exploring unfamiliar territories to satisfy the hunger and curiosity for adventure has been man’s trait since primitive ages. And adding to that, what’s trending today is the need for publicizing one’s travel logs on social media and to make these journeys more enjoyable, free from discomfort. All of which are now easily achievable by the self-explanatory ‘taps and swipes’ on your smart phones. Gazing deeper, we bring to you some of the important ways by which your smart phones can enhance your travel experience:

1. Extensive navigation tool

If you have set out on an expedition which is completely alien to you and are left to move about without a local guide or a handbook, then the navigation tools on your smart phone might even end up as your life savior. Whether you’re wandering on foot or are roving around in a vehicle and have absolutely no clue of what is around you, navigation apps will come to your rescue. Within these apps, you can either have an advanced online feature or a straightforward offline route. In the online feature, the app collects information from a host satellite to give you live data of your surroundings including live traffic, if at all required. In the offline mode, the app will simply provide you the available routes stored in its memory. These can usually be updated as soon as you are connected back to the internet. Among these apps, the most widely used is Google Maps. However, you can go through a list of other apps dedicated to mapping and navigation. Apart from Google Maps on Android, other smart phone operating systems have their own dedicated apps like Apple Maps (for iOS), Bing (for Microsoft) and HERE (for certain Nokia phones).

2. Mobile banking services

On-the-go-money. Yes! If you are from among those nomads who loves to splash around their cash and can’t get rid of that ‘spendthrift gene’, then it’s quite likely that mobile banking and e-commerce services were invented for you! And even for those of you who plan their finances in advance and go about exchanging currencies before setting off to the airport, there is always a limit to the amount of greenback (as we love to call it) which you can carry around. And you never know when you fall into one of those travel quirks which push you into overspending. In all these cases, your smart phone can act as a crucial solution as most banks have an international payment network.

3. Trip planning apps

Today, the most important area which you can let your smart phone take care for you is your trip planning. Popular apps like Trip it and Wunder lust help you in organizing your travel plans right from the word go. From booking the most economical flight, to keeping track of your expenses, to helping you with the language and customs of the country you’re visiting, you name it. Here’s a list of the top travel apps ranked by the Forbes magazine.Before you go ahead and book your next air ticket or Hotel, make sure to check out the best deals and offers from top retailers available on Frugaa; this will help you to stay within your planned budget.

It is amazing to see how people use to sit down with their calculators and personal diaries to compute and plan the same things over prolonged periods with multiple cancellations and restarts. Sigh! We have come a long way since those days.

4. For the social media savvy

Last but not the least, the Internet of Things (IoT) has got the entire planet connected via social media and posts related to travel are abundant. For those of you who want to freeze memories in time and wish to walk through it again and again, then sharing your pictures on social media apps can be one of the best options out there. After all, you really can’t expect to visit a photo studio with the quintillion pictures that you’ve captured on your smart phone camera and ask the developer to have them printed and embedded into a classy album! And a tech savvy mind opens up a two way street. And how is that? Pretty simple.When you share your experiences, it inspires others to set out and do the same. Their voyages inspire you and yours inspires them. You make new acquaintances who might ultimately become your future travel partners. And for those who have friends and families scattered around the globe, this is the best platform to keep in touch, without actually having to keep in touch!

As modern travel gets more and more digitized, the assistance provided by smart phones has been immaculate and on-point.It’s right there, right on your finger tips. And the best part? It doesn’t require you to be a master to use it.

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