4 Ways To Create Slideshows That Attract Attention

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Are you worried that your slideshows aren’t quite able to grab the attention of viewers effectively? Make no mistake it is crucial that your slideshows can attract attention right from the very first slide – otherwise they won’t be able to engage viewers.

The good news is that there are several ways that you can create slideshows that are able to attract attention far more effectively:

  • Open the slideshow with a bold statement or surprising fact

A bold statement or surprising fact is a good way for you to attract attention right from the get go. Just be sure that the statement or fact is true, and that you can back it up in your slideshow.

The goal of the statement should be to jolt viewers and make them curious to know more. It should be relevant not only to the content of the slideshow, but also to the target audience that is watching it.

  • Focus on the benefits that viewers can gain

Another way to get people to pay attention is to let them know what they stand to gain. If you kick off your slideshow by telling viewers the benefits that they can obtain – more of them are likely to pay close attention to what you have to say.

Just be sure that you don’t overstate the benefits or promise more than you can deliver, or viewers will end up disappointed – which is the last thing you want.

  • Find a gripping visual

The visual that you use in your first slide is important as well. Don’t make the mistake of wasting the first slide by just having text on a plain background, but instead show viewers a visual that is designed to grab their attention immediately.

Try to find a visual that is out of the ordinary, yet related to the topic of your slideshow in some way. The more unique and memorable the visual is, the more effectively it will be able to attract attention.

  • Weave a story into the slideshow

Storytelling is an excellent way to attract (and keep) the attention of viewers – and you should take advantage of that. Try to weave a story into your slideshow that connects the message you want to put across to attract more viewers to it.

Although it is best if the story spans the entire slideshow – it doesn’t necessarily have to. In fact you could just open the slideshow with a short and interesting story that relates to the topic, and then segue into it after you’re done.

Make no mistake the manner in which you structure your slideshow can help it attract attention, as can various other visual (or audio) elements that you choose to include. For an example of some of the options that are available you could check out Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac.

All said and done if you use the methods outlined above you should find it much easier to grab the attention of viewers and make sure they focus on your slideshow. Once you have their attention – be sure the rest of your slideshow is structured in a way that lets you hold it.

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