5 Best Android Apps to Hide Secretive Photos and Videos

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It is common to share selfies, group photos and nature snaps with your family and friends. But, there would definitely be certain snaps that you would not like to share with anyone as they are not suitable for public viewing. To hide these private and secretive photos and videos from the prying eyes, there are a slew of Android applications that can hide Photos and Videos from your mobile phone. These applications provide features such as stealth model, decoy app, military grade encryption technology and PIN protection to make sure that these embarrassing media content are inaccessible to others. Here is a list of five such applications that can be downloaded on Android devices to Hide Photos and Videos.


The Vault is a virtual safe that can protect the multi-media content and applications as well. With this app, you can also protect your contacts, call logs, SMS using the ‘private contact’ feature. One of the most important features of the application is that it ensures that all the pictures and movies are hidden and locked privately and you can view them only after keying in the correct pass code. There is also a Premium version of the app that has numerous features including the advantage of using your device’s front-facer to capture snaps of any intruder trying to attempt to view the hidden content.



The AppLock is a popular application that is available for Android devices. It has the capability to lock any application such as SMS, Gmail, Contacts, Gallery, Calls, Settings and almost anything else thereby keeping your privacy intact. Besides hiding the photos and videos, this app helps you in selecting them and moving them into the vault so that they are secretive. Only if you provide the correct pass code or pattern you can access the content stored in the vault. There is also an option that helps you create a profile with your preferences and lock the apps based on them.

app lock

Gallery Vault

The Gallery Vault app allows the Android users to even hide the application’s icon and to import the media to a highly safe location set by the app. There is a free stealth mode in the app that is usually available only with the paid versions of the other such apps and this makes the Gallery Vault even more interesting. All the hidden files are usually encrypted and until you provide the right pass code, you cannot browse them. Using the device’s accelerometer, this app provides a unique shake feature that will allow you to close the app immediately simply by shaking the device.

gallery vault

Smart App Protector

The Smart App Protector has some additional features as compared to similar applications available for the Android platform. One of these features is the Observer mode that monitors the unlocking of applications and keeps a track of the failed attempts. In such cases, it captures a snapshot of the intruder using the device’s front camera. Other common features include unlocking ways such as gestures, pattern lock, pass code, customizable themes and remote control. With the remote control feature, users can lock or unlock the device simply via a SMS.

smart app protector

Smart Lock

The Smart Lock application lets you to protect specific media files, contacts and folders as well. There are three tabs in the app and they are: Apps, Media and Contacts to let you access the hidden content. Moreover, the app adds it to the Device Administrators automatically in order to prevent anyone from uninstalling it while it is still locked. This prevents the intruders from accessing the hidden content as you ought to first unlock it in order to remove it from the Device Administrators and then uninstall it.

smart lock

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