5 Innovations In Surveillance Tech

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Surveillance has come a long way. Technology’s rapid growth has led to a rapid expansion to advanced security systems.

The job of a traditional security guard has been increasingly automated with smart cameras, alarm systems, and motion detectors. Nearly every residence and store across the country has at least some basic device for monitoring visitors.

Here are some of the latest innovations in surveillance technology that could boost security in the near future:

1. Pre-crime cameras

Pre-crime detection may not be science fiction for too long. Researchers in China are working with thermal imaging cameras that can detect changes in body heat and facial expressions. These signals could be a sign of stress or anxiety, which may help security personnel closely monitor potential intruders and criminals before they can act.  Meanwhile, BRS Lab is creating a surveillance camera based on machine learning and artificial intelligence that can send alerts about deviations from ‘normal human behavior’. The cameras learn from millions of hours of surveillance footage to accurately predict what behavior deviates from the norm and could indicate a potential crime.

2. All Weather Surveillance

Surveillance cameras are great for recording and monitoring any area with heavy footfall. However, even the best cameras struggle in bad weather. The SpotterRF kits can cut through fog, rain, and snow to detect objects that are barely visible in low light using sensitive radio frequencies. RF-enabled cameras could be a good solution for those who need surveillance in low-light or bad weather.

3. EyeSee Mannequins

Mannequins could soon start monitoring store customers, detecting suspicious behavior, and tracking demographics for store owners with built-in cameras. The EyeSee mannequins cost upwards of $5,000, which is why only high-end retailers have been able to deploy them since they launched in 2011. However, as more competitors enter the space and the cost of technology drops, a mannequin that can act as a surveillance tool could become commonplace in all retail stores.

4. Air ID

Biometrics like fingerprints are quickly replacing traditional forms of identification. However, most machines still require contact to record and verify a print. Advance Optical Systems have developed innovative new technology that can help security personnel detect and verify fingerprints up to 6.5 feet away. Long-distance fingerprint verification could allow military personnel and security guards to control building access without being in close proximity to visitors. This technology could also be deployed for border control in the near-future.

5. Laser Microphones

Perhaps the coolest piece of surveillance technology on this list is also the least believable. Specialized lasers can pick up minor vibrations on any surface in a room to detect and record sounds. This means a spy armed with a laser microphone device can hear the conversation in a room simply by shining a laser on the window. NPR reported that this type of technology dates back to the 1960’s and was even used by the CIA to capture Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad. However, some experts believe there are easier and more efficient ways to record sounds in a room without the need for fancy lasers.

Developments in surveillance technology have made our lives safer and more convenient. Innovations like these can help ordinary citizens protect their houses, family, and businesses.

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