5 Interesting Recreational Video Games for You

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Video games have come a long way. From the days when the Super Nintendo was the only gaming console available to the Wii U era. The development has also contributed to the increased numbers in both the players and the games available. You can now easily find any game that suits your taste online thanks to the improved technology and diversity of these games.

Video games are both fun and great pastime activities to engage in. They are not only good for recreational purposes but they can also help in the development of an individual’s mind. That could explain why nowadays games are being encouraged. The list below contains five of the most interesting recreational video games that are currently available in the market.


1) LuxuriaSuperbia

Heard of it? Probably not… LuxuriaSuperbia is not well-known but that does not make it less interesting. The game was developed by Tale of Tales developers who are based in Belgium. What makes this game so much interesting? Personally, I’d say is the emotional connection one is likely to develop during gameplay; and not necessarily emotional connection for a certain character in the game but an emotional connection to a game’s system.

2) Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots will provide you with a similar Las Vegas casino experience to make you never want to leave home. To add to the excitement, you not only play to enjoy the game but you also stand a chance to make a few bucks. So, if you are feeling lucky enough, why don’t you give it a try? Do not pass a chance to be a millionaire.

3) Gone Home

The concept behind this game is unique. Players do not have to fight or solve difficult puzzles but instead, they are required to explore a house and attempt to find a connection between the house and those that lived there. If you are excited about finding something new and unique to explore, then Gone Home would be a perfect match for you.

4) Cookie Clicker

The game grew in popularity within a very short spun of time making it even more intriguing. Another interesting fact about Cookie Clicker is that it is very deep. Gameplay is quite simple; all a player needs to do is to get as many cookies as they can. You start by clicking on a huge cookie then go ahead to buy upgrades. You’ll then be provided with a constant influx of cookies that allows you to buy more stuff. As you progress, the game becomes even more interesting as it switches to more of a strategy game.

5) The Stanley Parable

This game excels in many ways. Despite the minimal gameplay, the game still manages to engage the players. It has humour which is exemplified by the narrator who steals the show with an incredibly well-written and hilarious script. The narrator reacts to everything and makes you want replay the game. For a game that is all about making choices, I’d say the developers did a decent job with The Stanley Parable.

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