5 iPhone Apps that Ruined 2014

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2014 was a bad year for the smartphone applications because some of the weirdest and useless applications were released across various platforms. Some of the iPhone apps were ridiculous and it doesn’t has any use to the users. Here are the 5 worst applications that has been released last year.

1)      Hug me

The app was released as the new face of social networking app. As the name indicate the app were mostly used to receive hugs from the unknown users across the Hug me network. The app was a total failure because of the blunder idea. You cannot get the real hug feeling across the smartphones. Other than releasing the app the developers posted a kickstarter campaign for a donation of 100K USD. Come on guys we need something new and innovative. Donating for this kind of crap is such a wastage of money.

2)      iFrenchKiss


iFrenchKiss is another worst that has been released last year. Basically the app is a game. You will be licking your iPhone’s screen against the tongue that display in the screen. No one is not ready to spoil their phone by licking the screen. The score is predicted through the speed of the licking. While licking we cannot even see the phone’s screen. I am not so sure how licking is possible. Kissing the iPhone is one of the worst idea ever.

3)      Electric razor

5 Apps-that-Ruined-2014-electric-razor-free

If you are a dump and is interested in wasting some of the data from the current plan you can download the app. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes for free. The app just shows a picture of an electric razor with a power button. If you tapped that button the sound of the electric razor can be heard. If you guys didn’t heard the sound of an electric razor then you can download it. There is nothing special about the razor’s sound. If you want you can download it and be a fool.

4)      Will you marry me?

5 Apps-that-Ruined-2014-wil-you-marry-me

Oops I am not proposing. It’s actually an application name. The developers of the application must be mad or may be his girlfriend must be dumped him. If yes there is no surprise why she left him. The application is having no logic at all. It just display a text asking you that “Marry me? “and also ask you to shake your phone. If you shook your phone you will get a reply no. All the time the app will reply as “No”. May be the developer just developed this app in order to show some commercials in the app. Well this a strange app in the iTunes.

5)      You are rich

5 Apps-that-Ruined-2014-you-are-rich

Yep I was talking about the iPhone app. You are rich is another app which has got no logic at all. Some idiots will download the app in order to make some money. If you thought of that then you are mistaken. The app just shows a red gem all the time on the phone’s screen. Tapping o the gem will do nothing on the screen. Also there is a small humming music on the background. The gem on the screen is animated which revolves with a smoke. Guess what this app is also comes with ads.

Well, most of the above apps were seen on the Apple’s iTunes. I think Apple is trying to increase the number of applications in the market without reviewing them properly. Even Firefox’s marketplace has got better app reviewing team compared to Apple. There are even large number of worst applications in the application market. Worst app idea is mentioned above.

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