5 Reasons for the Boom in Digital Marketing

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The majority of individuals employed in marketing and advertising today can remember a time when Facebook and Twitter didn’t matter in their industry. Today, these two social networks are not just pillars or marketing, they have led to a number of other marketing verticals. Digital marketing agencies in Melbourne, Sydney, and across Australia have had to adapt to the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest as forces in marketing.

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When companies stop and take a moment to think about optimizing their marketing campaigns for these various verticals, it quickly becomes a dizzying task to imagine managing those various campaigns. This has led to the impressive boom in digital marketing agencies across Australia. Why exactly are digital marketing agencies on the rise?


As mentioned, trying to prioritize your marketing efforts for each of these channels is a dizzying concept. Digital marketing agencies are booming because businesses need to focus on the channels that best suit their business and marketing approach. Few companies have the resources to cover marketing campaigns in all channels, so digital marketing agencies help identify the areas any given company should focus on.

A digital marketing agency can help look at specific objectives of the business and prioritize the digital marketing channels that best serve those objectives. Most marketing agencies have a methodology behind their prioritization, and in many cases that methodology is capable of adapting to various types of clients.


When you think about other service industries, you realize that specialization is taking over. Consumers, both commercial and business, want specialized services and products. Digital marketing is no different. There are a variety of digital marketing agencies in Melbourne and Sydney that offer both specialized services and variable services.

Companies rely on email, SEO, pay per click, SEM, inbound marketing, and countless other tools to build their brand and improve corporate image. Digital marketing is booming because some agencies have chosen to focus on a handful of specialties, providing the best possible services in those areas. For example, many agencies focus on first-class SEO and social media services, while others excel at webinars, infographics, and Slideshare presentations.

The industry is becoming granular and driven by individual specialties. No one individual in your company can be expected to excel in all of these areas. However, a digital marketing agency can excel in several channels without sacrificing quality and ability in the process.

Global Meets Local

Globalization was the hottest buzzword in business at the turn of the 21st century. Now, success for any business is dependent upon a global image and a local identity. Globalization still rules the markets, but consumers increasingly look to do business with brands that are trusted in the local area too. For businesses in across Australia, this is one of the primary drivers in the growth of digital marketing agencies in Melbourne and Sydney.

A locally-based company located in Melbourne, but selling items online around the world, needs the assistance of a digital marketing agency to develop an online approach keeps an eye on both arenas. Companies fight online against global competitors to establish an identity and gain consumer attention.


Additionally, there is the battle to protect home turf while infiltrating a competitor’s home turf. For example, that local company in Melbourne may turn to a digital marketing agency in Sydney to help it infiltrate the market there and build brand identity.

Low-cost Options

Another reason for the boom in digital marketing agencies has been the ability to provide marketing solutions catered to the budget of any company. How is this possible? Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and lower infrastructure costs have made it easy for countless small digital marketing agencies to open up and offer online marketing solutions that cost little more than print ads in a phone directory.


Every company wants to see the results of marketing spend. Companies are dumping an increasing amount of money into digital marketing with each passing year, and as a result they are looking for proof (beyond revenue) that those efforts are being rewarded. The rise of stronger metrics and better reporting paradigms allows digital marketing agencies to provide customers with the statistical data they want. The more powerful those analytics and metrics prove to be, the more businesses trust in digital marketing agencies. With greater trust comes higher demand for the services of digital marketing agencies.

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