5 Reasons to Keep Your Jealous Boyfriend Away From Your Phone

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Should I keep my phone out of my boyfriend’s reach? Do you often find yourself wondering if it’s really okay to let the guy of your dreams enjoy full and uninhibited access to a device that’s probably filled with a major chunk of your personal life? These thoughts are natural and can creep up irrespective of the age of relationship, and no, it doesn’t have a great deal to do with trust. It’s about much more than that. The sooner you realize it, the better off you’ll be.


He will spy on you

Allowing your boyfriend to use or check your phone means inviting him to spy on you. If your boyfriend has a tendency to feel jealous or insecure, then he will definitely want to keep an eye on you 24 hours a day. In his desperation to keep tabs on what you do on your phone, including the websites that you visit and social media interactions, he may install some monitoring software like Mobistealth. This is really dangerous, especially if you are in the start of a relationship, and are not sure if it will go further or not.

Protect Your Personal Space

Personal space is something everyone deserves, whether they are in a relationship or not. Loving a person or being in a relationship never means that you have to share everything. You have your individual identity as well and your boyfriend should respect this fact. There are a few things that are only yours, one being your personal mobile. There is hardly any reasonable justification for compromising your personal space. If you expect it to strengthen the relation and reinforce trust, you are in for a disappointment. On the contrary, it will most likely give him a new reason to fight with you.

Your Private Information can be misused

Are you sure this is the guy made for you? Do you want to spend your whole life with him? Even if you answered these questions with a yes, you still cannot be sure about what your boyfriend wants. Right now, your may be inclined to share your personal information with him as you are in love and you trust him blindly, but please note that it is not wise to share your personal information with anyone. What if you have a breakup with this guy, and he misuses your private information like your photos, Skype conversation, emails, Facebook chat, etc? Just as prevention is better than cure, it is better to keep your phone away from your boyfriend instead of crying afterwards.

It can increase his insecurity

If your friend is already jealous from your other male friends, class fellows, colleagues etc. then it is better to keep your mobile away from him, as it will increase his insecurity. Sending a text message to a friend late at night and talking to a colleague on Skype regarding work are normal things, but your boyfriend may look at them from totally different angle. You can obviously explain to him that there is nothing going in between you and your male friend, but he probably won’t trust you. Little things like this will slowly erode your relationship, leading to breakup as you will think that he doesn’t trust you and he will think that you are hiding something or cheating behind his back.

It will negatively affect your Relation

If your boyfriend is the jealous type and he always remains insecure with your male friends, then it is not good decisions to share your mobile with him, as it will negatively affect your relationship. It is like you willingly bring about your own destruction because handing him your mobile will increase problems, not resolve them. You will have to give justification for every single text message you send or every call you receive. If you like the idea of this life, then go for it, but remember one thing, if your partner trusts you, then he will never want to check your mobile even you ask him yourself.

Relationships are based on love and trust, not on sharing your personal information or mobile phones. If your boyfriend really loves and trusts you, then he will understand that you also need privacy. On the other hand, if he keeps on asking for your mobile, then clearly shows that he has trust issues. Take the hint and do what’s best for you before it’s too late.

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