5 Reasons To Be Nice To Your Smartphone

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In 2007, smartphones died a grizzly death. They were killed by the emergence of the iPhone. Palm, RIM, Windows Mobile, and Nokia were the four horsemen of the smartphone apocalypse bubble. Today, these companies and their products are either on life support (Microsoft and their mobile efforts), renamed and all but forgotten in the consumer space (RIM, now Blackberry), sold for spare parts (Nokia), or are completely dead (Palm).

Those early smartphones had a certain geek sheik to them for a small niche. But let’s face it: From a consumer perspective, there wasn’t much to love about the product category. The devices were big and clunky, expensive, difficult to use, and lacking in consumer appeal.

2007 was the year of the iPhone. And TIME named it the most important gadget of the year. TIME placed it near the top of the list in 2010, making the recent news less of a surprise. In 2016, iPhone is TIME’s most influential gadget leaving Sony Walkman, Kodak camera and others behind.

iphone most significant


For a while, everything was an iPhone ripoff. Today, smartphone 2.0 is a mature market of advanced and beloved products with a broad range of size, performance, and price. They are great for both gadget lovers and Luddites alike. If you treat your smartphone like it was only a nondescript square of metal and glass, here are five good reasons you should reconsider, and be nice to your smartphone:

1. You Have More to Lose than You Think

If you have an iPhone, like to take pictures, and didn’t pony up for a subscription iCloud tier, there is an excellent chance you ran out of backup capacity a long time ago. Everything from the wedding photos of your youngest daughter to the draft for the proposal you are supposed to deliver to your boss in the morning, are onboard and permanently lost with one butterfinger moment.

Fortunately, the data recovery services Toronto and other cities offer can help businesses recover from all kinds of drive failures, from data tape to RID repair. Businesses are confident in their ability to recover from disaster. Then again, they know what they have to lose. Consumers who take their smartphones for granted tend to find out what they had to lose just after the information would have been most useful.

2. Repairs Are Expensive

It’s not just iPhones, smartphone repairs can be almost as expensive as the smartphone. Many minor drops end up in having to replace the whole device. Being nice to your smartphone by putting on a protective case is a good idea in general.

3. The Bots Are Probably Going to Win

It’s probably already too late to put the robot genie back in the bottle. When it comes to the web, the robot apocalypse is already upon us. Smartphones are not far behind. We already talk to our phones. And with robotic servants like Siri and Cortona, they are able to talk back, and more. A little kindness may stand you in good stead when your phone takes over the world — but probably not.

4. Your Smartphone Might Save Your Life

A few years ago, iPhones were grabbing headlines for saving a life, mostly due to its placement in the breast pocket of a shirt, and tightly compacted glass, metal, and battery. Today, lives stand a better chance of being saved because of advanced health sensors and emergency information. It won’t be long before lifesaving is just another bullet point on a sales tag for these pocket-sized super heroes.

save life smartphone

5. It Has Even More Surprise and Delight in Store

No smartphone expert knows everything that can and will be done with smartphones today, let alone 3 years from now. If you think you have plumbed the depths of what your smartphone can do, Think again. Your smartphone is just one app away from blowing your mind all over again. It might routinely save your life. It carries your most valued digital treasures. It is expensive to repair. And when humans find themselves enslaved by their robotic assistants, you might be spared. Well, at least there are 4 good reasons to be nice to your smartphone.

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