5 Ways Your Online Store Can Stand Out From The Competition

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With literally hundreds of online stores out there, customers have numerous choices for their purchases. The one question that’ll determine your success is “Why should they shop at yours?”

You could probably create an entire list of reasons in your head but the trick is to make sure your target market knows this. How do you get your message across? How would you catch their attention? It’s simpler than you might think.

1) Establish your identity through good content.

Your customer might not be able to tell exactly what your brand stands for with a one-time visit to your website, even if they do go through every page. Making content allows you to be able to peel back your store’s façadea layer at a time and communicate what’s at the heart of it.

People are forgetful. There’s a great danger of being lost among the various names, especially if you share any similarities to any of them. Releasing content regularly acts as a reminder to them of why your store exists, who you are and what you set out to do.

2) Humanize your business.

Make your business relatable. A brand should stand for more than a virtual set of walls and clothes hangers.People prefer to deal with people so give your business a personal touch.

Look around and you’d observe the biggest brands have different characters. Starbucks consistently markets itself as “the third place,” the one place we frequent other than home and work. Coca-cola is associated with happiness. When you think of Nike, you think of the courage to chase your dreams.

3) Offer unique products.

Some tend to get their inspiration from others but selling the exact same merchandise is going a bit too far. You risk being remembered either as a copycat or as the same as everyone else. You also make your business vulnerable to a possible price war.

This doesn’t mean it has to be completely new inventions but adding your own twists make a huge difference. It’s commonly practiced in the fashion industry: bringing back old trends but tweaking or changing small details to make it more modern.

4) Sell variety.

This doesn’t necessarily mean going out of your chosen niche. For example, when you create an online clothing shop, you don’t put up t-shirts in only 2 colors or sizes. Sure, they might buy only one or two despite having different t-shirt designs but a wider selection provides a higher chance of attracting a wider audience. Others take it to the next level by providing customizable products.

5) Ensure great customer service.

Customer service means more than doing what you’re expected to. It’s actually caring about your patrons. This can be extra challenging for online shops due to the zero-to-less chances of real-life interaction.

A great way start is to streamline how you assist online or phone queries.Make sure you or your team is available to handle your customers’ online navigation or payment issues. Apple is one good company to emulate. The founder, Steve Jobs, was known to have been so customer-focused in the conceptualization of the products, to shipping, to retail.

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