5G Could Lead To Surge Of Next Gen Gadgets

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Big changes come to the mobile market extremely often as the tech continues to improve year after year and innovation continues to increase – whilst the devices themselves may not change too much with each iteration, the hardware inside will find gradual increases and many of the systems we rely on for the systems on our devices continue to improve alongside them. 

The next big change for consumers and enthusiasts alike will be in the introduction of 5G on a wider scale – whilst many of our newer devices are equipped with the capabilities for 5G, it’s now just a waiting game for the data providers to upgrade their infrastructure to support the next step in network, it has already begun to roll out in more densely populated areas like cities and will take a little longer to make its way into the smaller towns, but it’s on its way nonetheless. 

One of the first big gadget changes we could see with the introduction of 5G is within virtual reality – we’ve already seen a widespread use of augmented reality in gaming through popular titles such as Pokémon GO and the huge number of downloads the app was able to reach, but virtual reality has its own challenges for gaming – not only are there the additional hardware requirements to running the platform, but also within the increased connectivity requirements which may not always be possible to have hardwired as it is in other gaming platforms. 

This could also lead to a change in mobile gaming platforms as a whole – there has been a shift in recent years to introduce mobile gaming to a wider audience but one of the many limiting factors has always been within the connection, and with a certain genre being more popular for a casual audience we haven’t seen a shift in tech to support that – but as more players are able to play in larger connected worlds with added infrastructure, we can begin to see a shift here too. 

The first sector this is likely to be seen is within mobile gambling through online betting sites and casinos – as an increasing number of players utilise these services, the sector holds much of the money that will drive investment through these channels.  This growth comes despite recent changes to limit participation options for many players too, especially during the pandemic – initiatives such as Gamstop have made it difficult for some players to use these services, but sites like Maximum Casinos are cataloguing a growing number of places that aren’t on gamstop for users to play on.

It’s an exciting time in the mobile world and expect changes to happen extremely quickly in coming years – our mobile gadgets are moving increasingly to an always on build with connectivity in as many places as possible, increasing this connectivity through our next stage of networking opens up a growing number of possibilities for all platforms and the tech that goes alongside it. 

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