6 Reasons Why Players Love Final Fantasy XIV

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There are some critics that like to judge Final Fantasy XIV, by comparing it to other popular games. Final Fantasy is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that can provide a beautiful online environment for you and your friends to play and interact. You area able to grow a character and do quests with goals.

The same critics managed to put Final Fantasy XIV (a.k.a FFXIV) in comparison with World of Warcraft, a very popular game with same principles. Quests, dungeons, gear, items and spells to cast. There was a big debate regarding players preferences. And we learned something from it. We managed to come up with a list of 6 reasons why players love to play Final Fantasy XIV.

1. RPG is the key

Probably the biggest reason why you should play Final Fantasy XIV is that you have a different gaming preference. The role-playing style games are popular but if you are truly a fan of this type of action, Final Fantasy is the game for you. While you are completing quests, you are going to have to group up with some other players, in order to complete objectives to advance. An interesting fact that makes Final Fantasy XIV so popular is that the storyline is complex and overarching.

2. Cute Pets

This is just for the cuteness lovers out there. FFXIV will bring you some fluffy adorable pets to join you in your journey. Baby Chocobo or Behemoth are only 2 examples of what FF XIV can offer. They do not influence the gameplay so much, or even the battle style or efficiency, they just follow your character around while you explore the world, being your cute little explore buddy. Final Fantasy has the highest level of cuteness you can find in an online MMORPG.

3. A single Mega Character

Again, a huge comparison to World of Warcraft is that in Final Fantasy, you can have only one character. You can play every class with it but only one can be active at a time. You will be able to swtich your character to another class at any time, unlike World of Warcraft where you have to build another character from scratch. Even if it is about a Conjurer, Archer, Rogue or Alchemist, if you want new skills or abilities, you have to work and raise another character for that.

4. Earn money by playing FFXIV

For many years, worldwide game developers tried to make the games more and more accessible. By doing this, they managed to create the in-game currencies FFXIV Gil and items that can be bought only with real money. Ofcourse they had to balance this upgrade, and the same items could be dropped in-game. With lower rates, but still.

So what happens when you drop an item like that in-game? Can you sell items and FFXIV Gil and make some money in real life? Yes, you can. Eldorado.gg is one of the best platforms for this type of trades. Also you can buy or sell main FFXIV game currency FFXIV Gil.

5. Final Fantaxy XIV is PvE focused

There is not so much to talk about the PvP battles in this game. It was developed for the exploration satisfactions and for the grinding processes that everyone loves. You are able to engage in battle with other players, only in certain areas of the map. The main world is 100% PvE and you are much more likely to find players cooperating to meet objectives.

6. Also a place for girls

You would not even imagine the numbers! In Final Fantasy XIV, 49% of the Japanese players a female. Also 40% of North American/European players also female.

Final Fantasy XIV is a place for everyone to be. Try it!

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