7 Futuristic Predictions in IT Field For 2019

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Hardly surprisingly, 2018 has not fulfilled all the forecasts of analytics and the IT industry leaders. It was remembered owing to Amazon stores without cashiers as well as the high value of voice-activated digital assistants. Search systems have almost completely transferred to indexation of mobile devices making smartphones capable to access any service or resource.

Indeed, nowadays, no one could imagine life without a cell phone and global network access. This is the main means of communication and interaction with other people. Plus, the global network is used for business activity and private life. 

To have an idea what to expect in the future, one shall check the predictions for 2019 which are done by IT analytics and industry leaders.

Novelties Expected to Become Trends in the Upcoming Times

1. Amazon will start working in the field of hospitality. The store has started to sell groceries and health-care goods, Christmas trees along with banking services. Recently, it was unveiled that Amazon provides such duties as house cleaning and handyman assistance. The company sees huge prospects in traveling and restaurant business.

2. Cyber attacks may transfer in the real world. In recent years, humanity has witnessed the destructive force of an attack on the digital assets of every company. 2019 may become the year of a real threat to production equipment, surveillance cameras or data processing centers which may completely stop the business activity.

3. Workspace evolution is expected due to the level of development of artificial intellect and automated software. People will be free to do things which only people can, i.e., creating, brainstorming, negotiating. Besides, the policy of companies will be focused on satisfaction, health, and well-being of employees.

4. Blockchain transactions in B2B will increase in number. Ethereum and Bitcoin introduce architectural changes which will solve the problems of scalability considered as obstacles for wide expansion of blockchain. 2019 may become a significant year for using these transactions in B2B.

5. 5G will be introduced in full. Due to the increased speed of the network, effectiveness will significantly boost. However, 5G provides more threats to cyber attacks. Thus, companies have to invest a lot of funds into technologies to safeguard their assets, as well as in the education of employees.

6. Employees in digital will be younger and more demanding, thus, the companies will have to change employment policies to attract professional specialists.

7. Marketplaces will turn into a new traditional business model and lead a retail business. Despite working on innovative approaches in a business model, retailers will not be able to change the situation.

The rapid development of IT changes not only the ambient in which people live. It imposes requirements on quick solution-making, risks assessment, and keeping pace with the evolution of IT. Besides, social relations and interaction between people also alter. Thus, the enterprises have to adapt business models and strategies in order to survive in the fast-changing tech world.

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