8 Great Resources to Educate IT Staff About Cyber Security

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There are more cyber security jobs in the world than there are cyber security professionals to fill them, and competition for qualified security professionals is fierce. These professionals can demand high salaries, so they often price small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners out of the market. If you’re like many SMB owners, then you may not be able to afford in-house cyber security staff. You can, however, educate the IT staff you have about cyber security.


Too often, companies think that their network administrators are also cyber security experts. Unfortunately, network administration is often a full-time job, and an administrator isn’t the best point person for incident management. Your rank-and-file IT staff members need to step up to the plate and take the lead on network security. To get your IT staff engaged in your business cyber security protection strategy, start by referring them to these eight online cyber security resources.

Krebs on Security

Former Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs wrote over 1,300 blog posts for the newspaper’s “Security Fix” blog, but he came into cyber security by accident. He was playing with an old version of Red Hat Linux on a Hewlett-Packard system in his home back in 2001 when the system was crippled—twice—by the Lion worm. He parlayed his childhood interest in computers into becoming a global cyber security expert, and his blog is one of the Internet’s best cyber security resources.


Securosis is actually a security research and advisory firm, but their guiding principle is “totally transparent research.” The company releases its initial research as a series of blog posts and allows the security community to comment on those posts, increasing the quality of its findings. Once a post series is finalized, Securosis compiles the posts and comments into a Creative Commons­­–licensed research paper. The Securosis blog provides not only the latest research, but also a thriving community of experts.

Threat Level

“Threat Level” is the cyber security center for Wired.com and it’s a great resource for the latest cyber security news stories. It’s not as complicated as Krebs orSecurosis, so it may be a more approachable site for an IT staff member who is just starting to learn about cyber security.


One of the hottest new focuses in cyber security is the M2M sphere, or the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Mocana’s blog provides the latest IoT security information along with information related to mobile and app security. Mocana’s senior analyst Robert Vamosi has just put out a book called “When Our Gadgets Betray Us,”and he’s widely seen as a thought leader in M2M security.


Security Is Sexy

Darlene Storm’s Computerworld security blog isn’t updated as often as “Krebs” or “Threat Level,” but it’s a good place to go for in-depth analysis of security issues. Your staff can read “Krebs” for its daily cyber security dose and then go to Storm’s blog for some supplemental reading or to learn more about a particular issue.

Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley’s award-winning security blog builds on Cluley’s years of experience as a computer security professional, during which he worked for McAfee and Sophos and served as editor of the Sophos security blog, “Naked Security.” Cluley’s blog remains a great place to check up on the latest cyber security news. Your IT staff can also sign up for his daily GCHQ email newsletter.

Schneier on Security

Bruce Schneier is a cyber security expert and fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. He’s written over 12 cyber security books and has a loyal online following. He’s not the most cuddly cyber security writer, and sometimes his posts can be a little high-handed. Nevertheless, Schneier knows what he’s talking about, and both his blog and his monthly “Cryto-gram” newsletter are excellent resources.

Hacker News

Mohit Kumar started the Hacker News in 2010 and runs the company from its New Delhi headquarters. The Hacker News website is an extensive cyber security resource that gets away from the newsreel, digging into topics like mobile hacking, social media malware and privacy. Kumar is one of the world’s most well-known ethical hackers, and his team can help organizations pinpoint their cyber security weaknesses.

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