9 Overlooked Tools For Gadget Geeks

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Gadget geeks are always in the market for good, practical gadgets. Fortunately, nowadays, most useful gadgets and tech are affordable. What was once luxurious and terribly expensive – like, more than a decade ago – are now within the reach of the average Joe. With plenty of tech manufacturers and sellers in the market, it’s really the best time to be a gadget geek.

Today we explore some of the generally overlooked technologies that are now quite affordable for the taking.

A low-cost 3D printer

Here’s an interesting piece of technology that you can use to make a lot of things with. Conventional 3D printers are still costly as of this posting, but there are a couple of ones in the market right now that won’t break the bank.

A multi-port solar charger

What better way to power your gadgets than using the clean, renewable energy of the sun? Grab a solar charger, preferably one that has different ports for different gadgets.

A signal booster device

Make sure you’re always connected to your cellular provider with a handy-dandy signal booster kit. Signal boosters can be used to amplify the cellular signal of a medium to a large home and office setting. Get the appropriate booster kit for your needs, as these can still be quite expensive.

A pocket or mobile printer

Printers are still useful in this day and age of digital insanity. A pocket-sized or mobile printer is quite useful for on-demand printing of documents. Choose how portable you want to go with this one. This gadget is best paired with a laptop, of course.

Noise-canceling headphones

This is a great peripheral to shut out distractions and noise. If you don’t already own a pair, it’s time to run to the nearest audio shop and grab one. Noise-canceling headphones are great for commuting and traveling, or for combating noisy office settings. If you have extra cash, shell out for the wireless variety.

A portable elliptical trainer

Want to work out your legs and maybe lose some calories while you’re sitting in your desk chair at work? Get a portable elliptical. It’s low impact so it won’t affect your focus at work, but it’s enough to get your blood circulation going.

A portable projector

Nowadays, portable projectors aren’t that expensive, but some can still make a dent in your bank account. A portable projector is a great travel companion for gadget geeks who want to watch and display video anywhere.

A portable speaker system

Just in case you want to let the whole world know about your musical tastes. A portable speaker – usually of the Bluetooth variety – is generally affordable and is a great way to start those impromptu flash mob dance scenarios. Pair this with your laptop or smartphone.

A mobile wi-fi hotspot

Wireless hotspot devices are nifty things to have while traveling, especially when you’re off to a place with spotty Internet connectivity. It can help you improve your reception as well as provide you with a hub for multiple users to connect.

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