9 Psychic And Life Advice Apps That Can Make Us Better Human Beings

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Circa post-Einstein era, visionary scientists like Schrodinger and Bohr started a silent revolution, which would shake the foundation of half-baked fax-scientific postulations of the Newtonian era.

People were prompted to see the world with new lenses and would soon discover new meaning in the century-old aphorism:

There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your Philosophy.

The revolution made certainty a myth and uncertainty real. The natural laws stemming from the observation of reiterative patterns in nature no longer applies to the subatomic level and the notion of parallel universe has now got a scientific stamp.

Clairvoyance and mysticism

We are now receptive to these things. At least, we don’t rubbish them outright. The availability of psychic apps fuel this receptivity further. Apps have become a part and parcel of our life. Here are ten of them that help people take important decisions, provide answers about life and spark the spiritual fire inside them:

#1. Oranum – Live Esoteric Chat


Oranum is not simply an app, it’s a global community for people who want to pursue esoteric knowledge. The USP of this app is it allows its users to connect to clairvoyants and healers from around the world.

By installing Oranum on your Android or iOS device, you can connect to more than 200 experienced psychics, tarot card readers and astrologers. Free live chat with these experts can help you solve the problems in life, as well as enrich your knowledge in the unknown and unexplained.

The services offered by Oranum include free daily horoscope, tarot card reading, dream interpretation, vedic astrology, palmistry, etc. In addition, users get live chat support round the clock, email and phone support.

#2. Kasamba Psychic Readings


As a psychic app, Kasamba is immensely popular. It has a strong 3 million+ subscriber-base. The good thing about Kasamba is it doesn’t restrict itself to psychic healing, rather extends beyond that and provides answers to the philosophical questions that pensive ones contemplate.

The Best Match Guarantee feature gives users 3 minutes with each advisor, so that they can select the ones whom they think can help them the most. Both Kasamba app for Android and Kasamba App for iPhone offer this feature. Users are not charged for these 3 minutes long chat sessions. The paid session starts only after they select an advisor.

The list of benefits of using Kasamba includes real-time availability, clear answers to the questions asked and best psychic match.

#3. Spiritual Awakening


This Android app provides spiritual info, reveals meditation secrets, interprets dreams, offer self-improvement tips and many more. The contributor of the spiritual and motivational resources, brought together by the app is Nicky Sutton, who is a writer, psychic healer, past life therapist and spiritual guide.

Her transcendental journey inspired her to create spiritual videos, draft articles and be active on social media so that she could speak to a larger audience. By installing the app, users can get help and guidance from her. Ms. Sutton has received formal training in counselling, treating Alzheimer’s & dementia and organisational psychology.

She spreads love and light, helps people overcome their problems and offer the the best advice – she does everything through the app.

#4. Fabulous – Motivate Me!


The app, available to Android users, helps one fulfil his health and productivity goals. Self-coaching separates Fabulous – Motivate Me! from other apps of its kind.

Everyone wants to stay motivated, sleep better, eat healthy food and lose weight. But very few of us maintain a healthy lifestyle. the rat race and the corporate grinding machine suck up all our strength and strip us of nothing.

Fabulous – Motivate Me! incorporates coaching. Customized advice from personal voice coach can inspire one to refrain from eating junk food, go to bed early, wake up early, do yoga and meet deadlines.

The app is a must for all those who don’t sleep well at night, couldn’t follow a routine, feel lethargic, couldn’t live on healthy diet and face trouble concentrating.

#5. Coach.me – Instant Coaching


Coach.me is a unique app. It offers three types of coaching;

  • Self-coaching
  • Community-based coaching
  • Private coaching

While the first two types of coaching are totally free of cost, hiring a private coach is not. The baseline cost of hiring a private coach is $14.99. The app is designed to show users their progress, celebrate milestones and most importantly, answer their queries.

Community stories from hundreds of users is an indicator that Coach.me lives up to its promises. While one user called Graham said he got a promotion in just two weeks after he hired his private coach, Dan repents that he should have met his coach through Coach.me a few years ago.

The installation rate of Coach.me is high because findings from latest research in the field of psychology and behavioral science were borrowed to design its user-experience. The app is available to all Android and iOS users.

#6. Instapray


Instapray is for devout Christians. In a consumerism-driven post-capitalist society, where the moral values are eroding every day, the message of Jesus Christ needs to reach every door. Instapray connects Christians all around the world through the holiest of deeds – prayer.

The app is very popular among faith-based spiritual apps as it lets users pray in private groups and also in large public groups. Christians who use this app can engage in productive conversations with each other and follow one another. Just as the name suggests, you can make instant prayer with Instapray.

Instapray is for Android and iOS users.

#7. Fortunica


Adviqo AG is the developer of the app. Fortunica brings psychics and mediums to your living room, helping you solve problems in life that are otherwise hard to solve.

People have several questions. Some are spiritual while some are material. Not getting the answers frustrate them. Fortunica connects them to experienced psychics from all over the world who are more than capable to answers the queries and introduce them to alternative ways to live life.

The app interface is very simple. Pressing the “Readers” button lets you select a reader. Then you can compose a question and send it to the reader. The “Language Settings” option will let you type in the language of your choice. If you have an urgent question, you can post it on the public timeline.

The readers can not only help you in your spiritual journey, but tell you your compatibility with a Tinder match. You can install the app from Google Playstore and iTunes.

#8. Simply Being

simply being app

The app is the brainchild of Meditation Oasis, who publicizes it using the following lines:

Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Presence.”

Version 6.0 of the app has many new and exciting features, such as choosing a meditation length of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes. Top media outlets like New York Times, Self Magazine and The Huffington Post recommended this app. Meditation is the gateway to deep relaxation, inner peace and stress relief.

Sound or music has been a vital aspect of meditation. Some cultures tend to relate music to transcendence. Simply Being allows you to choose from a bevy of soothing musical scores so that your concentration remains intact during meditation. A voice-guided procedure will assist you.

The app is available for Android and iOS users.

#9. Life Lessons

Life Lessons

On Google Playstore, Life Lessons has been rated 4.6 out of 5 by the reviewers. It’s not a typical psychic or astrology app; it helps individuals struggling to find answers to specific problems. By installing this app, one can get access to motivational videos.

Life Lessons connects you to other like-minded people, who have formed a community called “The Positive Wall.” Donnell Morris is a guide and mentor with a mouth of gold. His advice and suggestions can help you make your life better.

After installing Life Lessons, you’ll get daily updates from Morris, which will include musical scores, writing, photos and details of events. A community feeling and great guidance are guaranteed from Life Lessons. The new 7.30 version of the app is available for iOS and Android users.

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