Amazon Echo: A female assistant and a bluetooth speaker

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Now a days, people are really depending on virtual assistants on their smartphone’s and tablets. Because there is no need to wake the device up. You can command with some sayings. Android’s Google now, Windows phone’s Cortana and Apple’s SIRI are the popular voice assistants that is now available. Amazon is taking the virtual assistant to the next level. That’s right Amazon has introduced a new device called Amazon ECHO on to the market.

Amazon-Echo-A female assistant and a bluetooth speaker-design

Amazon ECHO is not a smartphone or a tablet. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker around 9 quarter inch tall. The form factor is a perfect cylinder. But ECHO is not an ordinary Bluetooth. It comes with a personal female assistant. Sounds good. Her name is Alexa. She is completely inside the ECHO. Wonder why these companies are giving female name and voice for the virtual assistant’s. Why can’t they provide male voice and name for them? Forget about that! just joking.

Alexa can do anything for you through the voice. You can ask questions to her, Ask about the outside weather, even ask her to tune in to your favorite radio stations. You can play a particular track from online or from the local storage of your Smartphone and tablet. All in all she is perfect.

Moving on to How Echo works. Echo must be connected to a Wi-Fi network all the time. The power is through an AC adapter. That seems to be a problem. Because you cannot carry Echo on the go. You can wake the device by pressing the button on the top of the device or just say Amazon loudly.

Compared to the other virtual assistants Echo works really great. It even recognizes words under heavy noise. For improving the reception there are totally 7 microphones around device which makes the voice reception great.

Amazon Echo-A female assistant and a bluetooth speaker

But still Echo can’t perform certain functions. It cannot give you real time traffic updates. The real time updates is bit of a problem for Echo. Coming to the pricing factor you can purchase Amazon Echo for an amount of 199 USD, which is around 10K INR. Well it is much high. You can purchase an Android powered device or Windows Lumia for that price.

Purchasing it or not is all up to you. The Echo is sold through the Amazon online store only.

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