Apple has sold iPhone “bendgate” for 74.5 million dollars

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Apple CEO Tim Cook celebrated another incredible quarter with Apple, thanks to the iPhone 6 setting sales records. [Image Source: Bloomberg]

CEO Tim Cook celebrated another incredible quarter with Apple, thanks to the iPhone 6 setting sales records. [Image Source: Bloomberg]

Apple currently released the news about the last quarter’s sales of the Apple products. Many of the analyst were saying that the Apple’s new release iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus was huge loss. The officials are objecting that the sales line has been crossed from what they expected. According to the latest news Apple has sold iPhones for a cost of 74.5 million dollars from all over the globe. This is the Apple’s best ever record since the company has started. They are also saying that the demand for the products is being increased day by day especially for iPhone.

The famous mobile analyst Van Baker has been said that the company has filled the Gap regarding the big sized phones after the release of iPhone 6 Plus. Everyone was comparing the iPhone with the large sized Android phones. But still some of the users wants to stick with the small screen sized devices. Well the Apple had done a great thing through the launch of iPhone 6. For those who wants a big machine, they can purchase the iPhone 6 Plus. And for those who likes small phones then iPhone 6 is better. The size factor has helped the company in sales.

Along with the sales of Apple products the company also revealed the year over year growth related to the region. Surprisingly sales in china has been increased to 70% compared to last year sales. The least sales increased percent was on European’s. It was about 20%. As an overall the Apple is having a total profit of about 178 billion dollars. And Apple became the world’s richest company. There is no surprise in that. What made the Apple huge success is that they always tried to introduce something more innovative. Many of the Smartphone Company is failing because they are switching their ideas according to people taste.

According to the researches, latest product, “Watch” will sell about 30 million in first 4 quarters which is very high compared to other Apple products. This is just only a prediction. 11.6 million iPhone’s were sold after the launch of each phone and 19.4 million iPad’s were sold in first 4 quarters.

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