The Art of Keeping your Servers Up and Running

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Your business’ servers are the heart of your network. From your website to applications, the tools every single one of your employees use on a daily basis are hosted on a server. Because they are such a crucial part of your IT strategy they must be kept up and running one hundred percent of the time. A server outage can have catastrophic consequences and result in a serious loss of profits and a decrease inclient confidence. A reliable company has reliable servers. However, keeping them up is almost an art.

servers running

Are you familiar with the tasks of your network administrator?

The first step is backups. You can’t run the risk of deleting anything or changing anything and have it not work. Before doing anything to your network, they must make sure that everything is properly stored somewhere else as well, so if there’s a need to restore to a previous state or recover files, they can do so without issue.

The next step is making sure everything is up to date. Linux releases updates almost daily, so if you’re running on a Linux based architecture, your network administrator is probably updating it every day to make sure everything is secure and working perfectly. After that is taken care of, all applications and the control panel need to be updated as well.

A good network administrator does not fix problems, but prevents them from happening. Preventive maintenance of your server can save you many headaches. Checking for security risks and hardware that may not be working at a 100% should be a daily task for your IT department.

A good server maintenance plans requires at least twelve steps.They must be performed by a talented network administrator that can help your network expand along with your business, keeping your data secure and out of the hands of villainous hackers.

Of course, the hardware for a good network is not cheap; finding someone with the right background to look after your servers can be quite an endeavour. When it comes to hosting your website and taking care of all your IT needs you can seek an external provider. Companies like UKhost4U offer dedicated servers for your company and will take care of all the required maintenance themselves, so you you’ll never have to worry about it.

One of the advantages of acquiring a server from a hosting company is that they usually have equipment to ensure uptime. They have a network of servers with safety measures that ensure that if something goes wrong with one of the servers, there’s always another to take its place. If the power goes out, they have batteries in place to make sure the server doesn’t go down, and if your hosting needs increase they can expand accordingly. If you stick to one local server, you have no room for error and that can be a very big risk.

Keeping a server up and running is a very complex undertaking, and no business that can afford any downtime on their network. If you decide to do it in house, always keep a close eye on the maintenance plans. If you decide to contract a dedicated server make sure you get it from the right people.

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