Asana Android App: Horror turns out to be a pleasant mode

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Software for ensuring effective teamwork are becoming extremely popular. Asana as a web application was no exception to this. This was the reason why a lot of people tried their HTML5 app on Android. The unexpected happened as the HTML5 app was a disappointment for Asana users. Asana returns to Android with a native app that can make people forgive their early sins.

What is Asana?


Asana is a Software As Solution(SAS) that is created with an aim to make teamwork easier. Conventionally teamwork was managed by communication over e-mail. Solutions like Asana make teamwork possible without frequent e-mails offering a fast and reliable way to coordinate team activities.

What is new in this Version?

This is the first native app of Asana and that is very much a new thing. The Asana team took considerable time and effort to come up with a beautiful app that is also very much functional. The app is beautifully integrated with Android and makes doing several tasks easier.

Material Design


Material design is a new design language developed by Google. Attractions of material design are its layouts, shadows, animations, padding and other visual effects. These visual effects and simplicity of design make material design very intuitive and user friendly and visually appealing. The choice of material design makes a huge difference to the appearance of Asana and the app in general. It not only makes the app look good but offers an Android user a familiar way to interact with the app.

Managing tasks made easy

The new native app with material design offers a very easy way to manage tasks. Adding a new task is now easy and quick as you can do it by just tapping a green button. Removing completed tasks, searching tasks and projects, and accessing your favorite project are all easier to do in this native app. Brainstorming is made easy by having discussions and conversations.

The Asana team has announced that they will be working towards making fast improvements on their apps in both Android and iOS platforms.

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