Automate Your Estimated Repair Order Process With Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

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When a customer brings their vehicle into your store for repairs, a lot of information must be collected prior to generating a work order. The least the technician taking the order will have to do is take note of what work needs to be done, any requirements that are specific to the vehicle, information about warranty and much more. The next step is to provide an accurate cost estimate and the length of time that the job is going to take. This information must be collected from various sources and can be a time consuming, lengthy process. The Tekmetric auto shop software can significantly speed up this process, keep reading to find out how.

The Manual Process

An autoshop that uses a manual system will typically need to collect all the required information in a job jacket. It might include inspection sheets, parts requisition forms paperwork from the walkaround, etc. The parts list is added to the job jacket, an estimate is faxed over and the work is authorized by a manager before a technician can get started. Every auto shop owner knows how unreliable the job jacket can be.   It should have all the information that a technician needs to get started, but that’s rarely the case. Something is always missing, and they can spend hours chasing it up. All of which is a drain on resources, time and money.

How The Tekmetric Automated System Works

First of all, the Tekmetric auto shop software eliminates the paper chasing! Once you know what needs repairing, this information is entered into the system as well as the unique model number for the vehicle. The system will then compile all the required information. Everything is documented on one system that all employees have access to. All communication is tracked, and time stamped which means that there are no nasty surprises at the end when the invoice is generated. Once the price has been calculated, the order report is forwarded to the customer via email. This provides them with a complete break down of the work involved and the cost. Once the customer agrees, the work can go ahead.

All customer information is entered into the system, this includes the vehicle number and other identifiers. This allows all technicians to quickly and easily gain access to the work order when required.

This is just one of the many great features associated with the Tekmetric auto shop software. If you would like to improve the business process at your auto repair store, this software is highly recommended. The good news is that you can try before you buy, the auto shop software is FREE OF CHARGE for the remainder of 2018, you won’t have to pay a dime during your test drive. There are no limits, you will have full access to the system and experience the same benefits that a paying user would have. At the end of the year, if you decide that it’s not for you, there is no cancellation fee, no contracts, no gimmicks, no fuss.

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