AVG Antivirus For Android Review

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It’s very important for you to have some sort of antivirus installed on your Android smartphone if you want to keep your phone safe from virus and Trojan attacks. These antivirus software apps also help to keep your personal information confidential and protect anyone from stealing that information. While there are tons of antivirus apps that you can install, there’s a reason why AVG is considered to be the best free antivirus for Android. If you’re wondering whether or not you should install this antivirus on your smartphone then reading the review might help.

Protection 24/7

One of the things every smartphone does is connecting to the internet all the time. However when you are not careful, you can attract a number of unwanted files to your device that are known as malware and viruses. When these files enter your device, it behaves like a disease and cripples your device. Your personal data will be compromised in no time and you will not be able to do anything about it. More often than not, it is very difficult to trace the virus or the malware back to the source and this means that you are left with very little information.

With the help of AVG antivirus you can now ensure that your smartphone is protected 24/7. This means that any kind of virus or malware that even threatens to enter your device is eliminated immediately. This keeps your smartphone protected and you end up saving money that you would have spent to replace the device had it been affected.

Storage Problems

Every smartphone is trying to outdo the other by providing as much inbuilt storage as possible to the user. However when you start downloading several apps and movies on your smartphone, this space gets eaten into and you will no longer be able to save any new information on your smartphone. People live their lives on their smartphone these days and it is at times like these that you need unlimited data storage. With the help of AVG antivirus, your problem can be solved.

Although AVG does not add to your storage capacity, however it ensures that unwanted files are deleted from your device permanently. You can remove the old installation apk’s, old text messages and any other unwanted junk files that may be taking up space on your smartphone. This Android Antivirus app also helps your phone run faster.

Smartphone Optimization

Once your smartphone gets older, the battery capacity diminishes and you are unable to use your smartphone for long hours as you used to. With the help of AVG antivirus, you can now optimize your device and ensure that your battery life and other backend processes work smoothly and in an efficient manner. With the help of AVG antivirus you can even extend the life of your smartphone and this eliminates the need to invest in a new smartphone when you already have an amazing one.

Encryption Of Your Data

When you have a lot of files on your smartphone, there is always the fear that someone will look at your smartphone and invade your privacy. While some people have a lock screen code to help them from peering eyes, the AVG antivirus provides an encryption file that keeps all your files and your pictures safe in one place. This means that even if your smartphone is stolen or borrowed and someone was able to get past the lock screen code, they will not be able to access your files and pictures because AVG keeps the files secure and encrypted.

The Verdict

This is an amazing app that you can install for free and never worry about virus and other privacy issues ever again. The best part about AVG is the simple and user-friendly interface that makes it convenient for you to run the app whenever needed. It’s a lot smaller than most antivirus apps which means it will take up less space and it won’t make your phone lag. If you’re looking for a free antivirus app for your android smartphone, you should get AVG.

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