Ban On Credit Card: How It Can Influence Slots Players 

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It is thought that around £3 billion is spent every year in the UK at online casinos. A lot of that money will be going into the hugely popular online slots, so of course, plenty of work is being done to make those slots as good as possible, with investment going into them to ensure more and more players get involved, making more profits for everyone making the games – deposit and play.

Yet the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) can see an issue with this. The bigger and better the games (and possibly the jackpots too) the more chance there is of people becoming somewhat addicted to them, and spending far too much money. They might put themselves into debt and cause themselves and their loved ones a lot of problems and upset. 

This is why a variety of different safely measures have been implemented to try to help those who might become addicted to gambling. Of course, we know not everyone will, and it is really only a small minority, but the damage this addiction can cause can be substantial, and therefore something had to be done. One of the measures that recently (in April 2020) came into force is the ban on using credit cards to pay for online gambling in casinos. The idea behind this new rule was to ensure people didn’t resort to borrowing money to play. But was this move really a good one, or are there negatives to it? 

The Positives

In many ways, the ban on credit cards for online slots and other gambling games is a good thing. For anyone who could have found they were paying far too much for their habit, and using money that would have taken a long time to pay back (if they were even able to). The ban on using credit cards means that those players who might have been tempted to add to their budget by borrowing money would no longer be able to. It would help them to play sensibly and keep within their means since the temptation would be gone. 

So now, as long as the budget is one that makes sense and won’t put anyone into financial difficulties, it is fine to play. 

The Negatives

To begin with, there might not seem to be too many negatives associated with the banning of credit cards for use at online casinos for all kinds of games, including slots. After all, it will stop people getting into debt and help them to play within their own budget. 

Yet although this is true for most people, it isn’t going to help everyone. In fact, it could make things much worse for some. If you have a serious gambling problem, all the credit card ban would really have done is to push you to finding other ways to fund your habit. Whereas your credit card is a safe way to pay (albeit one that shouldn’t be relied on), the other options include borrowing from friends and family, borrowing from unscrupulous loan sharks, attempting to get bank loans, or even trying to commit fraud to get more money. 

A gambler is going to gamble no matter what, and cutting off one of the safer lines of payment for them could certainly cause them problems that they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

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