Benefits of a University Student Management System

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Technology has had a large impact on a broad variety of industries, transforming the way we do business and how we communicate with key stakeholders. While universities were not the first to adopt digital solutions, we are now experiencing a great shift and preference toward the use of an electronic university student management system in many institutions.

So what does this mean for universities and education providers? This transformation has most certainly disrupted traditional thinking around how to best drive student learning and deliver teaching and classroom experience. Most of all, universities should be looking to select a mode of learning that pairs best with how students learn and how they engage.


Benefits of a University Student Management System

Change is always difficult, especially when shifting toward new technology and processes that may not be accompanied by trust due to the lack of knowledge surrounding their capabilities. Strict internal policies paired with reluctance from administration could prevent universities from moving toward student management software that will transform their workplace for the better.

A Gartner survey discovered that higher education CIOs understand the importance placed on attracting prospective students and encouraging them to enrol, but often fail to separate themselves and appeal to what matters most to students: an innovative education delivery system that allows for flexibility. Majority of universities (59%) acknowledge that their business model is destined to change as a result of digital capabilities, but the rate of adoption has proven to be slow.

Student Drivers toward Digital Solutions

The competitive marketplace in which education providers operate in has brought attention to the fact that their education delivery method needs to compliment student lifestyles. This involves utilising increased digital tools such as those provided in an education management information system, with 70% of universities demonstrating a preference toward an all-encompassing mobile application that can be used by students for all areas of the university life.

Only 6% of universities, however, have adopted such technology, which is reducing the success education institutions are having in effectively communicating and engaging with both their current and prospective students.

To stand out from the competitors, universities more than ever before must tune into the needs of their target market: the students, to ensure their services match their expectations and offer an innovative higher education management information system.

The Power of Change

Adopting digital solutions to compliment your university student management system is a key way to transform your students into advocates for your institution, a powerful way to increase your reputation and generate awareness amongst prospective students.

In order to move forward with change, the entire university staff must be clear and agreeable on moving forward with a better solution that drives efficiency to both students and teachers. Change can often be intimidating, but in the competitive market we operate in, institutions are forced to implement changes to remain competitive whilst simultaneously providing the best service for their students.

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