Top 5 Best Alternatives to PowerPoint [Free]

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Microsoft still charge for its productivity software called MS Office which is among the most popular and used software for creating documents, excel sheets, presentations and much more. If you don’t want to buy MS Office and still want to create powerful handy presentations then there are lots of free alternatives available. I’m mentioning here top 5 best alternatives to PowerPoint (free).

There may be different reasons why you’re not planning to buy MS Office like you didn’t liked its UI or functionality or you wish to still continue with the free software.

5 Best Alternatives to PowerPoint (Free)

I’m mentioning these best alternatives to PowerPoint in an order that the tool at top is better than all other mentioned under it. So you can choose accordingly.

Google Docs

Cloud storage is becoming a must have thing among productivity tools these days and Google Drive is my favorite one. If you’re also using the same then it provides a handy tool using which you can create powerful presentation within your browser.

Google Drive Presentation - Free Best Alternatives to PowerPoint

The UI is simple as you can expect from a tool developed by Google and it provides tons of graphical features like themes, backgrounds and objects. The complete tool is free of cost but only available with a stable internet connection.

Kingsoft Presentation Free 2013

This is real alternative software almost just like MS Office PowerPoint. Kingsoft Presentation Free 2013 edition looks exactly the same like PowerPoint and you’re going to find lots of similarities.

Kingsoft Presentation Free 2013

The tool is preloaded with tons of themes, backgrounds and graphical elements which you can use to create a powerful and effective presentation.

OpenOffice Impress

OpenOffice is said to be the best alternative to complete MS Office but its presentation tool is not as better as of above two. Still you can use it to create effective presentations for office and seminar purposes.

OpenOffice Impress - Best Alternatives to PowerPoint [Free]

The tool is available for free download and all of its features are also available for free. In order to use its presentation tool (Impress) you need to download complete Office package. Personally, I didn’t found its UI impressive.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show tool is available for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs and basically it’s a cloud based tool using which you can create all types of documents and also the presentation.

Zoho Show

Its app is also available on the iTunes app store and Google play store which simply means that you can create presentations on the go. The UI of its Android app is amazing but it missed out certain useful tools provided by MS PowerPoint.


Prezi is the last best free alternative to PowerPoint which is available for online and offline usage. It will provide you all basic features of creating presentations and you can access it anywhere you want by simply login into your account at its website.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Alternatives to PowerPoint [Free]

  1. I like and prefer FreeOffice Presentations as a part of SoftMaker FreeOffice, because of its excellent compatibility with PowerPoint, and its many creative options and effects.
    SoftMaker FreeOffice is available for Linux and Windows:

  2. This is nice list of free power point programs
    However, did you install and saw the features of each programs as
    I do not know any of them?

    thanks again

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