How To Bet On Starcraft 2

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Starcraft 2 is one of the most popular strategy games. Based on Blizzard’s popular RTS (real-time strategy) Starcraft (1998), it became popular among fans of the genre and eSports players.

With three races to choose from, you may think that this game is simple, but in truth, you are wrong. It’s complex and dynamic and can easily confuse any beginner. So how do you calculate your betting odds with this game?

Start by Playing the Game

No matter if you are the best gamer when it comes to other games, you will never know the odds if you don’t understand the game. Play the first version and then play the second one. Try to understand each race’s advantages and disadvantages.

Analyze popular skirmish maps and focus on who can be advantaged by their spawn position.

Investigate Various Methods of Playing

Some players prefer to build a decent army only to defend their evolving base. Some want to throw small groups at others’ base to hinder their enemy’s progress, which in-game is dubbed as “harassing.” Others prefer to make many different groups of units and hide them from their enemy while “presenting” only one group of units.

There are various methods, and some may prefer to go with the meta while others want to surprise their enemies and the public by not following the meta. As I said before, this game can be dynamic and exciting for everyone.


Unlike other eSports, with this one, you don’t have to deal with five versus five. You will have to deal with one player’s army versus another player’s army. So, your focus should be solely on that player’s strategy, win-loss ratio and chances of a comeback. You should also find out who or what counters him and how flexible he is.

Also, if you can do a personal top of the most famous players, that would be great. As a rule of thumb, focus on seven or ten outstanding players as a beginning. Of course, the more players you know, the more bets you can afford. It’s all about getting informed.The more details you gather, the more your betting method will improve.

Also, keep in mind what may be the winning situation for the bookmakers, may not be the same for you. 

Be Patient

Even if you’ve done all your homework, you must remember that gambling isn’t something that will instantly improve the moment you understand how a game works. It never goes like that. Even if the information you use is one hundred percent correct,it will only maximize your winning chances, that’s all.

After all, this is still a sport, and it’s controlled by people.So there will be many times when odds can mean nothing in the late game.


If you’re a huge Starcraft 2 fan and would like to try your betting hand, search for “ esports betting.” ThiseSports betting site is now accepting bitcoins and skins, so jump on it.

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