These Are The Biggest Information Security Threats We Face In 2018

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If you have ever wondered about just how safe the Internet really is, just take a stroll down memory lane to last year’s highly controversial presidential election. Perhaps the biggest news during that time was the alleged Russian attempt to sway the outcome by hacking into both parties’ computers. Although it has yet to be determined whether or not Russian hackers actually had an impact on the results, the fact remains that they admittedly hacked into some of our most highly-secured computers.

With a very real threat looming on our horizon, it might help to know what the biggest information security threats are as we prepare to enter a new year. This is also why you need to check into the possibility of hiring an information security specialist with a minimum of an MSIA degree from a leading graduate school like Norwich University.

Our Dependence on Technology

The first real threat is due to our unadulterated dependence on technology. Everything we do, every gadget we own, is dependent on technology. As a result, hackers can interrupt our homes and businesses with just one bit of malware. If left unchecked, there is a fear they can even bring down our national infrastructure. Information assurance degrees provide the necessary tools to combat hackers before they become a real threat.

IoT Divulging All Our Secrets

Ah, and then there is the Internet of Things or the IoT. Whether we are looking to remotely control our home HVAC systems or are monitoring grounds security at our places of business, the IoT is a double-edged sword. Yes, it makes life infinitely easier but also infinitely scarier at the same time. Imagine what would happen if a hacker gained access to our office security? They could waltz in and take tens of thousands of dollars in assets if left unchecked.

Cyber Attacks from Terrorists in Rogue Governments

Speaking of bringing down our infrastructure, imagine the damage a rogue government could do if they unleashed cyber terrorists on us? From bringing down our national security to accessing financial data from our largest corporations, there isn’t much they couldn’t do if we are lax on information security. If you have an information specialist on staff, it would pay to invest in helping them gain an online MSIA degree.

Information assurance is all about protecting information systems public, private and corporate. If we are to stay safe from any kind of information breaches, it is imperative to focus on the steps in securing this information. The person best suited for the job can predict where threats are likely to come from, to head them off at the pass. Information assurance is going to protect us from the biggest information security threats in 2018, so now is the time to act. If you aren’t served by a specialist, your time is limited. Once you’ve been under attack it may be too late. Act now to ensure a new year that will be safe from cyber-attacks, domestic or foreign.

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