Casino Games and their Odds of Winning Explained

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With so many different games available for us to play when we enter any casino, it is important that we understand which casino games may enable us to be more likely to win. Obviously, there are some games to play new casino site where the chances of winning are much greater than others but what are these games and are there casino games that we should avoid playing because the risks are too high? 

Best Odds Blackjack

The casino game with the best odds is that of Blackjack because in the majority of casinos it has such a low house edge.  The house edge when playing Blackjack is frequently only around 1% and there is no one else that you are competing with except the dealer so you are never going to find yourself competing against a secret Blackjack champion.  Blackjack is one of the favourite casino games to play, not only due to its low house edge but because it is so simple to play and does not require tones of skill for players to feel like they are really entering into the real casino spirit. 

Controversial Craps

Many people think that Craps is a difficult game in the casino but, as with many things, looks can often be deceiving, and this applies to Craps too.  It is the number of boxes on the table that seem off-putting to many players and the majority of newbie gamblers will not go anywhere near the Craps table, but they should not be so intimidated because it is not as difficult a game as they may think.  It actually has really good odds too with a 50/50 split of win or lose being placed on the roll of a dice. 

Ready for Roulette

One of the most popular games in any casino is Roulette and it is also one of the easiest games that you can play.  In fact, you can make this casino classic as easy or as difficult as you like and you can make the odds as good as you like so it is a very versatile game to play. To make this casino game work in your favour, stick to the options where you only have two answers such as red or black, high or low, and odds and evens and then you can guarantee pretty good odds even if you can’t necessarily guarantee a win. 

Worst Odds

Interestingly, the Wheel of Fortune and the infamous slot machines have the worst odds that you can find in a casino, though from their popularity you would never guess this. Both of these options have a big house edge of at least 10% so your chance of losing is fairly high but slot machines will also vary depending on their volatility level and their RTP. Low odds or not, slot machines have never been out of favour with players and their bright lights, loud music and fun aesthetics have continued to draw large crowds for decades, so they seem to be able to get away with their terrible odds, but maybe that’s half of the excitement for the slot lovers?

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