How to Change Facebook Color to any other – Change Theme, Font (Genuine way)

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There are lots of fake applications and methods available on the internet which claims that users can change Facebook color from blue to any other by following their method. But most of them were not working and genuine. In fact, users even found there account being hacked because of following those methods.

But I’m here with a genuine working method using which you  can change Facebook color to any other, change theme, font and few more customization. If you’re bored of Facebook’s blue color then you can easily change FB color from blue to any other using tutorial mentioned below.


Before starting with the tutorial, I should share the limitation with this method. It works only for Google Chrome users. I’m pretty sure that you must be browsing internet and FB via Google Chrome only and if not then you should try Chrome as it’s the best and number one web browser.

Change Facebook Blue Color to any other

How to Change Facebook Color to Any Other

Now I’m starting with the tutorial using which you’ll be able to change FB blue color to any other. You’ve to follow the simple steps mentioned below as it is and when you’re finished following all the steps then you’ll be able to change Facebook blue color to any other of your choice.

  • Start Google Chrome and visit Chrome Store. Chrome store is an app store where you can find thousands of apps working on Google Chrome.

Color Changer for Facebook - Google Chrome

  • When you’re at Chrome store then you’ve to search for ‘Color Changer for Facebook’ or you can follow this link to get there directly.
  • Now you’ve to click on ‘+ FREE’ button at the top right corner and within few seconds the app will be installed on your Chrome.
  • Now access your Chrome app tab and click on ‘Color Changer for Facebook’ app.
  • Start Facebook in Chrome and in the address bar you’ll find a bookmark logo at the end. Click that and an option menu will open.

Change Facebook Color to any other

  • Now you can use the color customization options provided there and you’ll see live effects on Facebook in background.
  • You can change fonts and increase or decrease font sizes too.

This is how you can change FB Blue color to any other color of your choice.

You can also remove advertisements from Facebook using the same app.

I hope you create a colorful Facebook using this method. The method is completely genuine and using it you can easily change FB color. You can create a combination of colors which will act as a theme.

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3 thoughts on “How to Change Facebook Color to any other – Change Theme, Font (Genuine way)

  1. Want to change my facebook/messanger color from black to the original white.How do I do that ??? Can you do it for me ??

  2. Want to change my color background on facebook/messanger from black to the original white. How do I do that ??? Can you do that for me ???

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