Check Accurate Local Weather Forecast Using Android Weather Applications

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You have already planned your itinerary long before, and you have reached a particular place but, it was ruined because of the sudden gush of rain. It is not the fault of the weather, but your negligence of checking the weather forecasting. It is therefore important to first check the weather predictions for a particular location and time before you make plans.

Ancient weather forecasting

Weather forecasting is reliable although it just gives a prediction. After all, weather forecasting is defined by the application and integration of science and technology to predict conditions for a specific time and location. Weather forecasting has come a long way. The prediction of weather started many millennia ago. The use of weather forecasting was seen as early as the time of Babylonians. During this time, they effectively predict through astrology and cloud patterns.

The beginning of modern weather forecasting 

As time went by, people continuously depend on patterns of events to predict the weather. These predictions were of course not reliable because it lacked statistical testing as well as modern technology. Weather forecasting took a turn when the electric telegraph was invented in 1835. The telegraph paved way for faster distribution of weather forecasting among the people. Imagine, before it was invented the weather reports only travel 100 miles per day by land or sea.

Forecasting was cemented as a branch of science because of the diligence and insights of British navy men Francis Beaufort and Robert FitzRoy. These two formed weather forecasting knowledge, which is still the basis of modern-day weather forecasting. As the network of telegraphs expanded aggressively, the spread of weather reports and warnings became rapidly aggressive as well.

Weather forecasting through the Internet

Now, telegraphs are replaced by better technology that can disseminate weather reports real-time. Before the Internet, people only get weather reports from the newspaper, radio, and television. With the coming of the Internet, weather forecasting spreads like a wildfire now. Aside from prints, radio, and television, weather forecasting is now presented online. If you have electronic devices, weather forecasting is more portable and universally accessible.

Local weather forecast as android application

The thing now is that you can actually check weather forecast accurately using android weather applications. Aside from applications, you can even use social media to check the forecast. If you consider android applications, you should know how to choose the right one because you will be faced with many choices. To help you choose one, you should consider the following things:

Where the app is drawing its data: You should determine where is the android app drawing its data. There are many weather apps that just get their data from unreliable sources. You need to find out a trustworthy app that gets data from the likes of The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, and National Weather Service.

  • What weather models the app uses

Weather models are used as a guide. Experts in the field interpret the models and the forecast starts from there. Many downloadable applications only get weather reports from the models. The reports were not processed or interpreted by the experts. With this, accuracy may be a problem.

  • The amount of the app

Another factor that you should consider is the amount or the subscription fee. It is practical to look for an app without a fee but if you want a reliable one, you may need to spend few dollars. Do not hesitate to spend because it will be to your advantage at the end of the day.

  • The developer of the app

The maker or the developer of the app is important if you are looking for a trusted weather forecasting app.

Weather can greatly impact your life if you are not ready for it. You won’t lose anything except maybe a few dollars if you consider weather forecasting applications. Weather forecasting is a complicated thing to understand but if you are used to its terminologies, you will be an expert soon enough.

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