Is Your Company’s Security Truly At Risk?

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Overseeing a company or organization in the healthcare industry takes all kinds of time and effort; both of which some owners and/or managers never seem to have enough of.

That said how do you go about knowing that your company or organization (and your customers for that matter) will be as secure as possible?

In a day and age when identity theft and cyber-security issues seem to pop up in the news on a regular basis, what can your brand do to shield itself from such troubles?

For starters, having a game plan in place before you ever opened up your healthcare company or organization was hopefully a top priority. Even if you’ve been in business before electronically handling patient data was ever a big thing, you had to know that technology would change how you do things over time.

With that in mind, many of today’s patients both in the U.S. and around the globe for that matter, are rightfully concerned that their private data could end up in the wrong hands, leading to potentially comprising their financial well-being. As a result, you have to provide them with a safe and secure experience time and time again. Countless individuals also provide personal data to non-medical companies and organizations, data that can be damaging to them if it ends up in the wrong hands.

Before you take another step in running your healthcare company or organization, look to see if your security is truly at risk.

Be Pro-active in Protecting Your Customers

When it comes to doing all you can to protect your customers (patients), start by reviewing the protocols you have come up with to this point.

For one, what is a typical office visit like for your customers? How do you go about storing customers’ personal data?

One of the ways to become more secure is looking at a HIPPA risk assessment.

In doing so, you can get the following:

  • Better idea of your company or organization’s security layout
  • Better chance of avoiding breaches in the future
  • Better means of handling breaches if they do happen
  • Better ability to meet the rules and regulations involving HIPPA-HITECH

If you feel like you need help with your HIPPA IT Risk Assessment, there are providers out there waiting to assist you.

Having such a provider onboard can help you when it comes to targeting the specific needs of your company or organization; zeroing in on the most crucial assets and areas you rely on to do business. 

Looking at Your In-House Operations

Although you might always seem focused on outside threats to your health organization or company, what about the ones on the inside?

As all too many owners and managers have found over time, those inside threats can prove more damaging than anything one could have expected from the outside world.

Be sure to make it clear from the first day you hire someone that any illegal actions regarding customer data will be dealt with harshly. Along with the possibility of a suspension or even a termination, an employee could be subjected to prosecution by the law.

Finally, regularly reassess your in-house security protocols, looking to see if you are coming up short in any specific areas.

One item to keep an eye on is how many of your employees have access to what you would deem to be sensitive information?

In the best of situations, only those employees clearly intended to handle customer data, transactions etc. should be doing so. If too many hands are in the cookie jar so to speak, trouble can be right around the corner.

By stopping today to see if your company or organization’s security is truly at risk, you could very well prevent tomorrow’s problems.

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