Comparium — An Automated Testing Tool, Simplified For Everyone

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Fortunately, we are not living in a world where everyone has the same device. People do have a wide variety of personal computing devices and when you have a service, you have to serve all of them right. The perfect example would be a website.

Suppose you are building a website using some top-notch framework and one of the best design philosophies out there. But, is there any point if the website looks quite different on a smartphone and a computer? And, this is where a web page test comes into play. We’re not talking about compatibility here.

It’s more about how your website looks in real life on different platforms. And, we have a tool that lets you save money and time on QA using automated testing — namely Comparium. That is, you can use this app to test how your website performs on different platforms without actually loading up different websites.

What Is Comparium?

In the simplest words, Comparium is an automated website testing tool. This is a web application that you’d use for seeing how your website looks on different platforms — say, macOS, Windows or Linux. Also, in case you did not know, there are differences based on browsers as well. The best part is that Comparium allows you to capture a screenshot of how your website looks on different platforms, in different browsers.

Quite awesome, right? One thing about Comparium is that it keeps growing. The upcoming versions of the web app should have more features like screenshot sharing and bulk URL testing. There would also be some options for testing a real-time version of the website. Of course, you would be doing all these via the same, good virtual machines.

Now, shall we see how Comparium works in real life?

Using Comparium

Thanks to the wonderfully intuitive User Interface, it’s incredibly easy to use the Comparium app.

The first step is logging onto the official website of Comparium and checking out the UI. As you can see, you will be asked to enter the URL of the site you want to test. After that, you can select the platforms as well as browsers where you want to preview how the website looks.

Once that’s done, hit the Start button and Comparium would make you wait for a few seconds. During these seconds, this web app would load a snapshot of how your website looks on each platform. The content that is available as thumbnails can be viewed individually as well.

You can click on an individual screenshot to know more about the specific QA testing instance. One thing we noted is that Comparium has some issues while rendering one-page websites. Websites with dynamic set of content work very well.

As you can see, a Comparium report gives you a clear picture of how your website/web app looks on various screens. You are basically saving hours of time that you would otherwise spend on changing between those devices and platforms.

At the same time, we have to understand that Comparium is the new way of Quality Testing and analysis. It is just awesome that you can do all these from the comfort of your single computer screen. Did we not say that you can get the complete Comparium report mailed to you? Well, that too.

Other Things

Using Comparium is about the convenience of customization as well. If you are interested, you can use the same tool for individual testing as well. As you can see below, Comparium allows you to add more screens to the collection. And it’s awesome that you can even select the version of the browser whose screenshots you are gathering. From the potential quality testing needs point of view, these things are just awesome.

In this case, for instance, we’ve loaded the Dark Mode version of the website. This would help us in getting an idea of how the website looks for a Google Chrome user who has enabled dark mode. At the end of the day, you save more time.

The Bottom Line

Is Comparium good enough? Definitely. If you are into professional web administration and quality analysis, Comparium is one of the best tools you can have right now. Even the basic version packs so many features and we are looking for more awesome elements in the upcoming iterations.


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