D Too Late But Not Too Late – Beginner Tips For Runescape

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Is it too late to start your RuneScape adventure fifteen years after it launched? Definitely not. Don’t let the fact that it’s a far cry from today’s MMOs with hyper-photorealistic graphics and smooth, intuitive quality of life features and mechanics. The game may be old, but it’s RuneScape gold thanks to its rich content, simplicity, and freedom for players to role-play. But don’t just jump into Gielinor unprepared! Here are some tips to help you have the best RuneScape beginner experience.

All About Skills

First and foremost, would be the character creation and customization. If there’s something RuneScape does better than other MMOs, even the new ones, would be this. There are no job classes, so instead, characters are defined by the skills they possess.

Skills determine what a character can do and content they can participate in. Skills are also categorized according to purpose: Combat (Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Prayer, Magic, Constitution and Summoning), Gathering (Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Farming, Hunter and Divination), Artisan (Herblore, Crafting, Fletching, Smithing, Cooking, Firemaking, Runecrafting and Construction), and Support (Agility, Thieving, Slayer and Dungeoneering).

Your character can have any of these skills, and even all of them if you’re either patient or a completionist.

Having a Type

But despite having a lot of freedom in character building, your character will still fall under a type as defined by the player base, which is as follows:

  • General Character – Jack of all trades, master of none.
  • Skiller – Forgoes Combat skills to focus on Artisan and Gathering skills.
  • Pure – Focuses on Combat skills and eschews all others.

As a first-timer, the General Character is the most recommended build so that you can enjoy most of what RuneScape has to offer. The Skiller may seem like a bore, but it makes lots of RuneScape gold, so while it’s not as good of a choice for newbies experience-wise, it’s not a bad one. Pures, on the other hand, is not for newbies. Sure, combat in MMOs is fun, but you’ll need competent gear, and as a Pure, you won’t be able to make enough money for that. You’re better off going the General route. But if you want a Pure, have a Skiller alt to fund it.

Don’t get too caught up in fitting into any of those categories. What matters is that you have fun and get to play RuneScape according to your terms.

Questing and Friendship

Speaking of playing, RuneScape, like all MMOs, are all about questing and exploring. As a newbie, that is what you should be doing. RuneScape quests vary in length. Some are short, some medium-length, and some are long quests. They also vary in type. Some quests are a one-time thing, some are a series of quests, and some are repeatable. And of course, quests vary in level of difficulty. But you just got into Gielinor, so you’ll only be able to do the Novice quests. It’s alright though because they’ll give you enough experience for the necessary skills and RuneScapegold, plus they’re fun, so you’ll want to try your hand at them.

It’s important to know what kind of quest you’re going to engage in, what their requirements are, as well as what you’ll be rewarded with for finishing them.

Last but not the least, if you’re not playing the game with your friends, try to make some online. After all, that’s the point of playing with thousands of other players. The fact that a lot of players are already established and have made their circles might prove to be a challenge, but who knows? Besides, there are others like you who are playing for the first time – they’d be perfect new friends. If you’re not too confident with your friend-making skills in Gielinor, you can make some in the official forums and Reddit.

Good for you, new adventurer, for trying out RuneScape. Hopefully, with these tips, you’d not only enjoy your first few steps in the land of the Gielinor but also be surefooted as you take them.

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