Data Recovery Technology Could Save Your Startup

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Many small business owners take their digital data for granted. They don’t believe that they could possibly be the victim of a cyber-attack – until it is too late. Of course, other forms of data loss her even more common and could be just as costly. If they aren’t prepared, then the consequences can be severe.

Did you know that over 60% of businesses that suffer from a cyber-attack are forced into bankruptcy within six months? That is a frightening possibility that too many businesses are not prepared for. Of course, part of the reason that this happens is that hackers steal data or leak sensitive information. They may also orchestrate ransomware attacks. However, the cost of data loss is often the biggest problem associated with a cyber-attack.

There are plenty of other reasons that businesses suffer from data loss. Human error is actually more common than cyber-attacks. Natural disasters, liquid spills badly and managed software upgrades are also common causes.

The cost of data loss can be very high. A 2013 survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute reviewed 277  instances of data loss and concluded that the average corporation loses $5.4 million from data loss. However, smaller companies also suffer massive financial losses. Even if the company can successfully restore the data, it will lose nearly $2500 from data that is lost or destroyed. The cost of data loss can be several times that high if the data is not recoverable. This could completely destroy small business, especially one that is highly dependent on its digital infrastructure to operate efficiently and reliably meet customer needs.

The good news is that new data recovery technology has helped drastically mitigate these losses, even if it is stored on an encrypted disk. Here are some things that you need to know about data recovery technology.

Data recovery technology can recover data after it has been accidentally deleted

Many people believe that that their data cannot be restored after being deleted. Fortunately, this is rarely actually the case. When data is deleted, it technically still resides on your hard drive, at least for a little while.

The data is just marked as no longer being needed. It is still there, but your machine has been instructed to overwrite it later. This means that you can still recover it until it has been overwritten. Many new computers can actually recover data after it has been written over a couple of times.

Data recovery tools can usually restore data that has been deleted by hackers

Hackers usually threaten to destroy data as part of their ransomware campaigns. They may also maliciously delete it for its own sake. The good news is that this data can usually be recovered. They don’t usually try to use a tool to overwrite the data, so you can actually get it back most of the time.

It is still important to take sensible data protection measures

Data recovery technology is excellent when you need. However, it is still a bit costly and you can’t always guarantee that it will work. You are always best off trying to protect your data in the first place. Try taking steps to protect your data from hackers and make sure that your employees are responsible about managing it properly.

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