DIY Online Website Building Is As Simple As 1-2-3

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Remember the bad old days when it cost thousands of dollars to get a commercial website built by the professionals? Even in the middle-ages of web design, if your website was not professionally constructed it was difficult to build one that was attractive enough to gain the attention of consumers. Visitors naturally gravitated towards the more professional appearance of websites built by professional web designers. The good news is that those days are long gone. In today’s world, web hosting and design packages that are simple for the layman to build, yet esthetically pleasing and professional in appearance, are available at hosting websites such as Network Solutions. When searching for the best website building and hosting site, look for one that features one-stop shopping. You want to pick a host site that offers a wide array of services so you can choose those services and resources that best fit your specific needs.

Online Website Building

Hosting And Design

The most desirable full service hosting website will offer many options, including a variety of professional templates. You want to be able to choose the design layout that best complements your branding. It should also have a website builder that offers simple instructions and allows for design flexibility. A library of stock images is a great plus, as image variety helps make the website pages interesting, and helps breakup blocks of text. Online storage and file sharing allow for upload of media documents and sharing. Many hosting sites offer a free domain name, or you can usually use one you already own.

Other Considerations

When researching and deciding on a DIY web host, keep in mind that there is more to a successful website then just a pretty face. The host site needs to make available tools and tactics for optimizing your rank on search engines. This is a critically important element for attracting traffic to your website.

Do you plan to sell services or products online? If there will be an exchange of payments online, be sure you have an eCommerce option. In addition to having a secure method of accepting payments, you may also need product catalog capability, shipping and inventory options, and marketing tools.

Don’t Panic

Even though it is simple to build your own website, there may be an occasion-even in the middle of the website build-where you decide that you have better things to do with your time. Or, after investigation you may find that your web hosting company is willing to custom build your site for a reasonable enough fee that it is worth the extra bucks to hand over the reins and let them do the design work. The better full service web companies are staffed to do just that. If you get into the process and decide that website building is just not your thing, speak to the professionals at the site that is hosting you. It is highly likely they can jump in and complete your build quickly.

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