Do We Need Computer Games in Today’s Society?

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From the ancient Greek Olympics to enjoying modern casino no deposit, playing games has been an integral part of human culture. There are plenty of those who enjoy playing but there is no dearth of the critics. They raise a question more often than not: Do we really need computer games. Through this article we would see various dimensions of these questions and also see how playing free versions at casinos with no deposit can help us.

Purpose Served by Video Games

To begin providing a concrete answer to the question posed by the critics, we need to see what is the exact purpose that is being served by computer games. Are they only limited to being a leisure activity? We have a very clear answer to that question. And it is a definite no. Computer game entertainments serve a myriad of purposes in society. Some of them can be listed here, in no order of precedence.

Providing a Platform to Express Creativity

Above anything else, computer games certainly provide an avenue of expressing our hidden talent. Whether you are an art fan, a music composer, or simply a person who loves solving puzzles, computer games have a place for you. The developers at companies like Electronic Arts and Supercell are some of the highest-paid content creators in the world. And apart from earning handsome salaries, these are the people behind a million smiles.

Video Games Enhance Cognitive Activity

Playing computer games can result in increased focus at work, a better attention span, and hence an improvement in productivity. This is not some baseless comment but a result of elaborate psychological research by the Pew Research Centre. As you focus on playing them, your brain learns to make the best use of data stored in your mind. This helps you in recalling things fastly and improves your memory cycle. Because of this many consultancy companies now advise top business managers to involve esports in their office activity.

Improved Social Media Connectivity

Playing a multiplayer game introduces you to the people who share your interests in various fields. They tend to watch similar kinds of movies and enjoy reading similar books. The players of League of Legends have often been found to be fans of The Hobbit by Tolkien. As a result of this players gain friends from all across the globe. This helps them in breaking the stigma and infuses outreaching personality traits.

Scope of Earning

Video games have not been limited to being a pastime activity only. They have evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry where not only the developers earn but also the players make a very good amount of money. Streaming live has been the latest addition to the ever-growing phenomenon of gaming. Top players have been known to earn millions of dollars yearly by streaming their gameplay and participating in annual esports competition.

Why Are They Criticized

The biggest reason behind the criticism associated with video games is that the players often end up becoming addicted. In this process not only do they lose the importance of real relations in the physical world, but they also end up suffering from personality disorders like insomnia and anxiety. These claims are not unsubstantiated as the studies have proved that long hours of gameplay can result in increasing unproductivity that affects both personal as well as professional relations. The players are often pushed into a dark corner where they can’t differentiate between the virtual world and the real world anymore. However, such cases have been a rarity.

Need to Strike a Balance

Having accepted the challenges associated with excess gaming, we still firmly believe that computer games do more good than the possible harms that are often associated with them. From being an excellent venue for making new friends to improving your skill set, video game entertainments bring a lot of positivity to the table.

If a player is able to strike a balance between playing them for pleasure and his regular routine, then it would do a whole world of wonder for them. The need is to cure the negative and harmful impacts rather than denying the society the wonder that we call computer games.

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