DU Battery Saver Review

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Android is slowly turning out to be the most popular and most mobile platform in the world. The number of Android users are increasing day by day, and the technology associated with it is also rapidly progressing. No doubt, everything about Android is cool and classic but, as it is said that a coin always has two sides, Android has its own disadvantage.

Smartphones these days are coming with technologies like a fingerprint scanner, Android Pay, Laser autofocus but, it is lagging at one point. The battery is still one of the major concern in smartphones, and there are only handful of phones in the market that can actually last up to a full day. The need of an hour is an app or technology that can improve smartphone’s battery life to an extent that it can at least last a day without asking for more juice.

Google Play Store is full of such kind of apps that claims to give a boost to the battery life but, when it comes to actual results, DU Battery Saver stands out from the cloud. DU Battery Saver is the most used and downloaded battery saver app that is available for free on Play Store. The app claims to increase battery life up to 50 %. It is a feature rich app that can make your phone last long so that you don’t have to keep your phone on charging all the time.

Key Features of DU Battery Saver:

  • Lightning Fast Speed: The most amazing feature of the app is its ability to find and solve all battery related problems. You just need to tap the Optimize button and let the app do it task.
  • Detailed and Accurate Status: DU Battery Saver is capable of giving the exact details on how much battery is left and which all apps are using how much amount of battery.
  • Simple yet powerful: The app proudly boasts of a simple yet powerful design. Just spend a minute and so and you will learn all about on how to use the app. The pre-set battery power management modes are there to save battery as per the situation, and you can even create your very own mode to get more out of your phone.
  • Healthy Charging: It may surprise you but, there is a lot of science involved in charging. There is a complete cycling process that needs to be followed for a better and longer battery life. DU Battery Saver offers this healthy charging at free of cost.

How to use DU Battery Saver?

The very first thing you need to do is to download the app. It is small in size and is free to download.


  • As soon as you open the app, you will see the battery status and a one click button to optimize the battery.
  • Just click on the optimize button and DU Battery Saver will run in the background for increasing the battery life.


  • The second option is for modes where you can select the mode as per your choice.


  • The charge option comes into play when you keep your phone on charging.


  • You can also monitor the battery usage and can actually stop those apps that consume most of the battery.


Phones like OnePlus One, Moto X Play are surely coming up with a much better battery but, still the need for having a stronger battery is increasing day by day. Our phones are getting smarter and technically sound with full HD display, powerful processors, 4GB of RAM, etc and for all this, a stronger battery is a must have feature. Well, no need to worry as DU Battery Saver is at your service.

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