DU Speed Booster For Android Review – Make You Android Blazing Fast!

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Android phones and tablets are known to be devices that provide the users with amazing customization options. Android devices not only come in cheap, but most of these cheap devices are not the best performers out there.

Not only do they lag every once in a while, but some of them also can’t even do normal things like opening dialer, messaging app correctly.


The whole Android application ecosystem – also known as Play Store is the home of several apps that you can download and try on your phone. The apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Viber are great apps but they use a lot of system resources, and if you have a phone that doesn’t provide much space or resources to these apps, they will malfunction or slow your phone down totally.

This is not a problem with Android as an operating system but a problem that is created due to un-optimized system configuration built by the manufacturers.

In this post, I am going to talk about the DU Speed Booster app for Android, which is a tool that can be used to boost your phone and make it faster.

DU Speed Booster – Introduction

The DU Speed Booster app, as I mentioned above, is a tool for your Android device that clears up memory as well as cache in order to make your device faster.

It has some great features in built inside the app that are able to make your device snappier and more responsive. You can clear the cache on your phone, and you can also boost your phone to give you better gaming performance on your phone.

The security feature of this tool makes sure that you are not using, or your phone is not infected with any malicious app or software that can slow your phone down or steal data from your phone.

Let us talk about these features one by one in detail but before that let us see how to download and install this app.

Download & Install DU Speed Booster

Let us now talk about the features one by one.


DU Speed Booster Features & Specialties

Trash Cleaner

This feature of DU Speed Booster makes it possible for you to scan the whole device and check for the cache size, unwanted files and unused APKs and some other things.

You can clean up a lot of space on your storage on your device by using this Trash Cleaner feature. As I mentioned, it can clear the cache that only increases in size if it is not cleared every once in a while.

You can use the freed up space to your advantage to storing more pictures or files.

Phone Boost

RAM management is an important factor when it comes to a responsive device. Apps load temporary data inside RAM so that they are able to run but if a device’s RAM is preoccupied with apps that you are not using, the phone will be slower and unresponsive at times.

This feature clears the RAM and makes sure you have enough free RAM to run your apps faster and in a more responsive way.

App Manager

What is a good booster app without an app manager?

The App Manager on DU Speed Boost lets you do various things in the same feature. You can uninstall unwanted apps, you can move apps to SD card to free up some internal memory space. There is also an APK manager, which will scan for unused APKs on your phone.


In order to have a phone that is responsive, it is important that you keep your phone clean from viruses. This feature will scan your phone for virus and remove if found.

Other features

There are some other great features like Speed test, Game booster and a battery saver that comes inside the tool.


All in all this is a great tool to use if you are looking for something that can speed up your Android device and provide you a great experience.

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