Earth Networks: World Weather Data For You And Your Team

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Weather happens all over the world, and you have to be ready to deal with it. No matter where your business takes you, Earth Networks has the technology to take world weather data and provide you with an hourly forecast that’s accurate from up to 15 days out. How is this possible? We accomplish it by taking localized, real-time weather data and running it through some of the best numerical weather prediction software in the world to create the forecast you need when you need it.

The Model’s Only As Good As the Data

Any prediction modeling software is only as good as the data that goes into it. Weather forecasting is no different and real-time weather data is necessary to create a forecast of industry-leading accuracy. Our propriety Pulse Data Stream technology pushes live data via FTP to S3 accounts at a rate as fast as every 5 minutes to ensure you have the most accurate data possible. With this data stream at your disposal, it’s possible to tune your models in real-time, allowing you the capability of monitoring severe weather anywhere in the world.

When You Need a Highly Localized Forecast

Even with world weather data at your disposal, there might be times you need a highly localized weather forecast and for that, you need your own weather stations. Earth Network provides weather stations made with professional-grade components that are fully automated and designed to stand up to all types of weather. These devices include weather station software that is capable of interfacing seamlessly with our applications and tools to provide you with the crucial data you need to make informed decisions.

The weather affects everyone and everything, but you don’t have to be caught unawares by it. With the right forecasting tools, you can protect your investment and keep your people safe anywhere in the world.

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