Events IT Workers Should Put On Their Agenda

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When you’re working in the technology arena, it’s vital to continue to learn new things each year, about a wide range of topics, since tech is constantly changing and evolving. Building up your knowledge and staying current will help you to further your career, and to make an impact in your area again and again.

When it comes to learning, there are all sorts of options you can utilize. For instance, read books, blogs, magazines and forums; enroll in IT courses; attend industry and local business-related events; join relevant associations, and more.

Plus, if you’re willing to commit to travel, keep in mind that there are dozens of excellent IT conferences and other events held around the globe each year that are well worth the time and money required to go to them. Read on for some of the top events all IT workers need to put on their agenda to attend at some point.


SXSW is a big festival, popular not just with techies, but also with other entrepreneurs and innovators. Held in Austin, in the United States each year (in March), the event runs for around nine days and is famous for bringing together the best of business and tech.

Many fantastic new entrepreneurial ideas have come about because of SXSW. The event is special because of its diversity, and the fact that it brings together people from all sorts of different industries, specialties, backgrounds and levels. At SXSW, you can exchange ideas, and network, with interesting people, and you never know what kinds of developments might come about through this blending of expertise, genres and skill sets.

During SXSW, on offer are talks that cover around 24 different programming fields. For example, there are events on subjects like design, virtual and augmented reality, other technology, film, news, health, culture, governments, journalism, music, style, and sports.

Machine Intelligence Summit

Another top conference to put on your bucket list is the Machine Intelligence Summit, held in June each year in Hong Kong. If you’re interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how it can impact numerous areas of technology and business, this is a top event to attend.

The Summit has been running for five years now and has been attracting some of the biggest names in tech from around the globe. For instance, since its inception, the event has had speakers on hand who have come from top tech firms like HSBC, NASA, DHL and Alibaba, to name a select few. During Machine Intelligence Summit, you can listen to talks on a variety of machine-intelligence subjects, such as business, education, automation, healthcare and finance.

Microsoft Build

Of course, if you’re like most IT workers, you no doubt use Microsoft products on a daily basis. As such, it pays to book yourself a ticket to attend one of the company’s annual events. Microsoft Build is a big one, being its yearly developer conference. Build has been operating for over seven years now, and runs for three days. It is held in Seattle, in the U.S.

Each year, the event attracts over 15,000 people. Attendees swamp to the conference so that they get to hear some of the most innovative, experienced, and respected people in the tech biz talk about their predictions for the future. During Microsoft Build you can also sit in on panel discussions, and watch numerous demonstrations. There are plenty of excellent hands-on labs to take advantage of, too.

VR World

With virtual reality, and augmented reality, really booming right now, you may also be interested in finding out about the latest developments in this area of technology. If so, attend one of the annual VR World conferences. This is one of the most coveted virtual reality events, and is attended by thousands of visitors each year.

It’s held in London, in the United Kingdom each May, and runs for two days. The conference is still in its infancy, having only been running for three years so far, but it’s still the biggest mixed, virtual and augmented reality event in Europe at the moment.

VR World isn’t just about using VR and AR in gaming application, either. The event actually examines how the tech will have an impact beyond this arena. Attend the conference and you will get to listen to over 100 different speakers (talking across four different fields); plus you can network and listen to case-study led content.

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